Monday, September 10, 2007

Tarp Remains at Southpoint Park Despite Mayor Bloomberg's Request

I was advised that during Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey's tour of Roosevelt Island last month (RIRA Column Main Street Wire PDF File), Mayor Bloomberg's top deputy expressed dismay at the ugly tarp remnant from the Ranan Lurie art exhibit with the United Nations that still remains at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park nearly a year after the closing of the exhibit.
They indicated that Mayor Bloomberg has seen the tarp remnant and wanted it removed. As the above picture taken last Saturday indicates, the tarp is still there.
When will it be removed?
9/13 Update. RIOC President Shane reports that the Tarp was:

Removed yesterday. We got a release from the artist


Anonymous said...

Any hot Jewish Babes want to spend Rosh Hashanah under the tarp wiht me.

Anonymous said...

too bad, my dog liked to shit on that tarp