Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vote Barack Obama in Texas Democratic Presidential Primary - as well as Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont

You Tube video of Barack Obama's closing Texas Leadership ad.

This is for all you Roosevelt Islanders in the great state of Texas. You know who you are. The latest polls show Senator Clinton with a slight lead but who knows? If you have not already, make sure you go out and cast your ballot in today's Texas Democratic primary for Senator Barack Obama and then go to the caucus later tonight. Bring as many people as you can with you. Remember it's not just the popular vote but the delegate count that matters. The Roosevelt Island Cheeseheads were a key voting bloc in Obama's Wisconsin Primary victory so let's do it in Texas as well as in Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont!

As I wrote in earlier post:
We can do better. We can have a President not of Red or Blue America but of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton IS the Red and Blue State divide. Barack Obama is the United States of America. Vote Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

i refuse to vote for hill the shill, but barack isn't exactly my idea of a happy alternative. he's rumored to have talked to GOP-sugardaddy bloomberg about being VP, and he's been chatting up republicans for cabinet and policy positions.
considering the republicans have destroyed the economy, the armed forces, the constitution, and the dignity of this country in general, i DON'T want to 'reach out' to republicans - i want them driven into the sea at bayonet point. they must never be allowed near the levers of government again if this country is to be saved.

and if obama is too naive to see how destructive republican philosophy is to this country, he doesn't deserve my vote... but since the alternative is nuke 'em all mccain, once again: hold my nose and pull the lever.


Hmmm, driving Republicans "into the sea at bayonet point"?
There is a place where that kind of factionalism occurs on a daily basis. It's called Iraq. Are Democrats and Republicans to become an American version of Sunnis and Shiites? There's gotta be a better way. Give Obama a chance. We can always go back to the bayonets if he fails.

Anonymous said...

sunni and shia? nah, the better analogy is cancer - do you find out how you can 'work with' cancer, or do you cut it out? if a houseguest has robbed you, cheated you, beat you, and lied over and over again to you about it, do you ask them to look for common ground, or ask them to leave?

i want a president who will declare that torture is wrong and we will no longer do it; that the constitution is the ABSOLUTE LAW of the land; that justice - and who gets to dispense it - does not depend on your party affiliation; that spying on our citizens is illegal and we will no longer perform it; that other countries are our allies, not our vassals; that the government has an obligation to work for all and not the few; that the president is not a king.

i don't want a candidate who seeks to slap the backs and pick the brains of the men and women who have done these things and so deeply savaged all this country is supposed to be founded on. read grover norquist, the project for a new american century, anything by richard addington... the current stalinist/republicans do not compromise. ever. why should i be happy that 'our guy' thinks he will gain something by doing so?

i will give whomever is the democratic nominee a chance, but when you consider how many times the current crop of dems has rolled over for bushco with nary a whimper, you see wherof my skepticism springs. some people just never learn.

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments. However, radical left Dems are horrible on economics, and radical right Reps are horrible on social issues, and we are not being offered a candidate who promises to address these issues from the middle. If you think BHO is a cure-all, think again. Even before the dropouts, there was not one major candidate who was. Bloomberg in theory could have been it, but he wisely is sitting this out.


Obama is hardly a radical left dem on economics. I came across these two blog posts I thought interesting on Obama by two very smart and successful entrepreneurs that you might find of interest.

The first is by a NYC venture capitalist, Fred Wilson.
The other is by Netscpape founder and internet entrepreneur Mark Andreesen.
Also, Warren Buffett will support either Obama or Clinton in the general election.
As to Bloomberg, he is probably a candidate for Treasury Secretary in an Obama or McCain administration.

Unknown said...

Let's give our vote to the first one that comes to the Island and eats at one of our restaurants and survives. They have to get here by either the Tram and/or the subway on the weekend. What's up with that empty retail store next to Duane Reade. Can we get a bar restaurant or something. I hear maybe a subsidiary of Christides is coming there. How about another liquor store that's also a mini-market.

Anonymous said...

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