Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary Today - Let's Go Obama

You Tube video of Baracky the Movie

The outcome of the Southpoint Park Kahn/FDR memorial survey is not the only vote of interest to Roosevelt Islanders today. Later this eventing, the results of the Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary will be known. According to the Washington Post:
Some say Clinton needs to win by 10 points -- which was her margin in Ohio last month. Others say eight points. Some say, given the amount of money Sen. Barack Obama is spending on television ads, anything over five points would be a respectable victory for Clinton. Staying within five points would give Obama the opportunity to assert that he overcame a state whose demographics tilted heavily to Clinton.

But the margin in the popular vote ultimately will be secondary to how Pennsylvania affects the battle for pledged delegates. Pennsylvania is the biggest remaining prize on the calendar, with 158 pledged delegates. Clinton badly needs to make up ground in the delegate fight and, given the way they're distributed, that could be difficult.
I hope Barack Obama is able to pull off an upset here and defeat Senator Clinton. In that event, she should withdraw from the race because there is absolutely no way she could win the nomination without destroying any chance to defeat George Bush (I mean John McCain) in the general election. If Clinton wins in Pennsylvania, she should remain in the race until the last primary. I have always believed that what does not kill you makes you stronger. The eventual winner of the Democratic Primary, and I hope it is Barack Obama, will be a better general election candidate against McCain and the Republican Swift Boaters for going through such a bruising and tough primary season.

So to all Pennsylvania Roosevelt Islanders, and I know you are out there, make sure to go out and vote today for Senator Barack Obama.

UPDATE - 8:20: Here is the Pennsylvania Department of State Democratic Presidential Primary returns page and the Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary returns page from 2008 Democratic Convention Watch.


Anonymous said...

Just as the currents of our beloved
East River around our Island as you see them going one way, they suddenly turn and strongly move the other way, just like Hillary Clinton did today. Obama couldn't compete and simply drowned and no he couldn't survive. Decent "I lost today speech" though.