Friday, July 18, 2008

Graffiti Arrests on Roosevelt Island And 47 Cans of Spray Paint Confiscated

From the July 16 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident Report:
Graffiti- 5 Subjects arrested by PSD. 47 cans of spray paint also confiscated by PSD.
Public Safety Department Keith Guerra provides some more details:
5 people (males & females) between the ages of 17-28 were caught spraying the front of the ship by our Plain Clothes Unit Officers. They were all apprehended and charged with Criminal Mischief. They were processed at the 114 Pct. and their spray cans were vouchered as evidence.
I believe the ship referred to is the boat dock prow near the Octagon and subject of these post regarding the need to clean up it's existing graffiti. Good job by the Public Safety officers in the Plain Clothes Unit.


Anonymous said...

Good job Public Safety! I had no idea that they used plain clothed officers. Hopefully the arrests will be a deterent to others.