Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Starbucks Closing - Roosevelt Island Store Still Safe

View Larger Google Map of Starbucks Store Closing Locations

The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks has announced the first 50 stores of 600 nation wide that will be closed.

Further closures will be announced each month after employees receive 30-day closing notices. Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz says the company wants to inform workers about the closures in person; company insiders say Starbucks is not releasing the full list because it is still working to modify and cancel some real estate contracts
The Roosevelt Island Starbucks is not on the list nor is any store in Manhattan but there is one New York City Starbucks in Staten Island that will be closing. Here is the list of the first 50 Starbucks stores to be closed.


Andrei Gear said...

I doubt they will be closing this location due to a very good rental deal from Related ... McDonalds was giving 3x the rent ... no thanks ...

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