Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dead Squirrel Lying On Roosevelt Island Southtown Riverwalk Lawn For Last 4 Days - Please Remove Before It Starts To Decay Asks Resident

Image of Dead Squirrel Next To Southtown Lawn Tree

Roosevelt Island resident Rebecca Knell reports on a dead squirrel left on the Southtown Riverwalk lawn for the last 4 days:
If you walk toward the subway via the old / original road - past the driveway - under the 2nd tree closest to the pathway you will find a dead squirrel that has been there for over 4 days. No one is removing it. Don't even know if anyone has noticed it's not sleeping, but dead!  I wish someone would remove the poor thing. I don't want to watch it decay each day.


YetAnotherRIer said...

If the squirrel bothers somebody why doesn't this somebody go to the doorman of one of the buildings and let them know about it? I am very sure it's the property management's task to take care of these lawns.

bakgwailo said...

Or better yet just get a trash bag and throw it away if it bothers them so much... its really not too hard to do and there are trash barrels every where.

joe carbo said...

i guess ,people with money living in south town have nothing else to worry about  but a dead squirrel.why dont you tell your maid to pick it up.

joe carbo said...

give the maid a break. tell matt katz to pick it up.