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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Roosevelt Island Web Cameras Up And Working - Take A Look At Snowy Roosevelt Island North, South And East River New York City Skyline Views

Received a message yesterday from an out of town Roosevelt Islander reader disappointed that the Roosevelt Island web cameras were not running at the time.

Neither of the cameras on the Roosevelt Island site is working. Any plans known to bring them back? For the distant it sure is nice to see those two views occasionally. Thanks. In the scheme of things they are luxuries, so don't want to communicate this in any snarky way. : )
I know that the Roosevelt Island web cameras are very popular for Roosevelt Islanders here and away so I contacted the providers and they kindly made sure the cameras are working again.

Here's the snowy view right now of Roosevelt Island looking north towards the Octagon and East River/NYC skyline

and last night. (Click On Images To Enlarge)

Also, here the view of area surrounding the Tram Station from the RI Tram Station Live Web Camera

Click on the web cam link and you can see the Red Bus arriving/departing, people coming and going to the Tram, Water Fountain working/not working, Firefighters Field, Steam Plant etc.

Thanks to Mr. Lyon and Mr. Andrews for the views.


commonsense540 said...

We have Master Evacuation Plan that's so secret that only people with high level clearances like Matthew Katz and half of the RIOC can only see. That's why this Country is so F-up