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Monday, June 17, 2013

East River Kayaker And Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Officers Rescue Man From Roosevelt Island Seawall Rocks

I was coming back on the Roosevelt Island Tram yesterday afternoon at about 5 PM when I noticed an East River Kayaker paddling close to the Roosevelt Island shore.

I went over to make sure he was OK.

The Kayaker told me there was a man on the seawall rocks, who appeared disoriented, trying to climb back over the fence onto land. The Kayaker was concerned the man might fall back into the river.

I went over to see what was happening and realized I could not pull him back over the fence myself so I called the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department (PSD). Within a few minutes PSD Officers arrived and safely assisted the man over the fence.

Once the man was back on shore, the Kayaker resumed his trip down the East River.

Good job by the Roosevelt Island PSD Officers and the Kayaker!!!!!!

In 2009, reported on PSD rescuing a man trying to swim East River who got sucked under the Subway Pier Dock.


Mickgirl said...

Kudos to all!