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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remote Control Plane Flying Over Roosevelt Island, East River & Queensboro Bridge - Come Take A Remote Ride

Image of Remote Controlled Plane Flying Over Roosevelt Island

Reported previously on Roosevelt Island resident Bill Dickey who was the subject of a NY Times profile:
... Mr. Dickey, 35, is the manager of Pilotage Fun and Hobby, a Manhattan shop that sells remote-control versions of nearly everything.

Mr. Dickey’s enthusiasm is infectious. But when the shop opened in March 2012, it wasn’t immediately clear how warm a reception his products, more commonly associated with a previous generation’s suburban Saturday mornings on long driveways and deserted athletic fields, would find in Midtown.

“We’re adapted to the city,” Mr. Dickey, a Roosevelt Island resident, said. Hence the store’s focus on helicopters, which make the most of the limited footage (square and cubic) of city apartments. Planes, too, can be flown indoors. Mr. Dickey recommends lighter, highly maneuverable throw-launched craft that are gentle on walls and loved ones....
I was walking thru the Rivewalk Commons last Sunday evening when I spotted Mr. Dickey with several friends piloting his remote control plane circling Roosevelt Island near the Queensboro Bridge, Big Allis and over the East River before it came in for a landing.Take a look.

A longer version of the remote controlled Roosevelt Island flight.

You can check out more about remote controlled planes and other vehicle's at Mr. Dickey's store - Pilotage Fun And Hobby.

For a view of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan's East Side from a slightly higher vantage point, Trevre Andrews shares this recent photo

Awesome flyover of manhattan .... There is no perspective like flying over the place you live.
I agree. Whenever I am flying back to NYC, always look forward to the view and hope I am sitting on the right side of the plane.