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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Micah Kellner, Ben Kallos & Ed Hartzog Debate Issues Seeking To Represent Roosevelt Island And Upper East Side In NYC Council - Kallos Received Endorsement From NY Times and NY Post But Do Newspaper Endorsements Matter To Voters Any Longer?

Reported last Thursday on the NY 1 Roosevelt Island/Upper East Side District 5 NYC Council Debate between Assembly Member Micah Kellner, Ben Kallos and Ed Hartzog.

Here's a brief You Tube video recap of the debate from Mr. Hartzog

Click here for the full NY 1 Roosevelt Island/Upper East Side NYC Council Debate.

The Manhattan Neighborhood Network and League of Women Voters for the City Of New York presented this debate among the candidates seeking to represent Roosevelt Island/Upper East Side in the NYC Council.

Do newspaper endorsements mean anything to voters in this race? If the answer is yes, then Mr. Kallos has an advantage since he has been endorsed by the NY Times and the NY Post. According to the NY Post:
5th District (Upper East Side): Assemblyman Micah Kellner was favored to win this open seat until it came out that Speaker Sheldon Silver had kept sexual harassment complaints against him secret. Since then, he’s lost many key endorsements, and rightly so.

Opponent Ben Kallos, a young community board member and former Assembly staffer, is a conventional liberal but has thumped for genuine legislative transparency. We prefer him to Kellner.


YetAnotherDisgustedResident said...

Kallos stunt using free mail for anonymous negative filers that everyone got is as sleazy as you can get.

Herzog has not dirt on him, seems reasonable and gets my vote.