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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beautiful NYC East River Sunset From Southern Tip Of Roosevelt Island's FDR Park Today


SherieL said...

There was an excellent article in this past Saturday's Main Street WIRE, by a great writer, Briana Warsing, about the relationship between the Second Ave subway build-out and Roosevelt Island and 63rd. St.-Lexington stop, among other things. It answered nearly all of the questions about why RI'ers are dealing with our subway delays/and weekend limited service. I hope blog followers have read this article and what to expect and when, with new subway lines including a cross-platform train line transfer (see Lex-63rd St. reference in article).

Also, blog readers should know: even when RIRA reps, several years ago were hounding the MTA to add service (with the coming of Octagon and new bldgs, in SoTown bringing higher population count) we were ignored and told, first new population wouldn't affect our train line, and then, no expansion could be done, that the "F" line was running at full capacity! I just saw/heard a report that the MTA will be expanding "F" line service!! Ha! ha. When, not sure, but they said it, now, after all our sturm und drang with them. By the way, the RIOC President, aka: the leadership of the Corporation, NOT the Board Directors, didn't feel the need to step in on behalf of RI residents with their sister State agency, the MTA!