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Friday, November 22, 2013

Faces And Action Photos Recap Plays From Semi Finals Of Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer League Games - Exciting Finals Tomorrow

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP)

Soccer Director Adib Mansour updates us on the 2013 RIYP Soccer Season season semi-finals last week and the upcoming finals tomorrow. First Mr. Mansour shares the RIYP faces and plays from the semi-finals

and then recaps the season so far. According to Mr. Mansour:
The Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer 2013 Season is coming to an end... with a big bang!!

The Semi FInals games were held last Saturday November 16, and here are the results:


All 6 Minors teams' Semi Finals games were fantastic and will be remembered for a long long time!!

Here's a recap of the Semi Finals:

Nov. 16: Semi Finals Round 1:
James Brown's team: 3 vs. Marc Block's team: 0
John Evans' team: 3 vs. Dan Sadlier's team: 0

Nov. 19: Semi Finals Round 2:
James Brown's team (won on penalty kicks): 1 vs. Tony Leon's team: 1
John Evans' team: 2 vs. James Highsmith's team: 1

Noteworthy players are: The trio from James Brown's team: Amin Robello-Miles Brown-Emilia Brown practiced the perfect corner kick and scored using the technique they worked on in preparation. Also note worthy are the following players from Marc Block's team: Miguel Conciello, Hannah Block, and Isabella Tejada. From Dan Sadlier's team the following players stood out: Nemanja Prokic, Isaiah Sadlier, and Diego Olivo; and in John Evans' team: Sebastian Navarro, Mack Massey, Lydia Evans, and Ethan Baahboakye. In the latter game on Tuesday the following players from James Highsmith's team stood out: Elyes Bouchik, Nelle Gray, Byron Jones. And from Tony's team, we noticed: Momar Gaye, Giulia Cartegni, and Heaven Leon.

The Championship game will be Saturday Nov. 23rd at 9:30AM.


The Juniors' games were inevitably filled with excitement and team-play! 2 teams go on to the Championship next Saturday November 23, 2013 at 11AM: Johan Marfey vs. Jessey Krieg. Jack McManus' and Patrick Reidy's team play for the consolation game at 9:30AM on Saturday as well. The season was abundant with beautiful and skillful goals.

Nov. 23, 9:30AM: Consolation game: Patrick Reidy's team vs. Jack McManus' team
11:00AM: Championship game: Jessey Krieg's team vs. Johan Marfey's team

Stats for the Juniors:

                         Points            Rank              Goals
Jessey Krieg     25                1st place         38 goals
Johan Marfey   21                2nd place        41 goals
Jack McManus 12                3rd place         33 goals
Patrick Reidy      6               4th place          13 goals

Noteworthy on Patrick Reidy's team are: Madison Rodriguez, Jared Pazmino, Daniel Joffe, and Maya Levanon. While the following players shined in Jesse Krieg's team: Muad Kurer, Galen Bennie, Frederick Weachter, Anika Amin, and Madison Luna. Players that stood out on Jack McManus' team are: Isiaha Dickens (in his new role as Goalie ExtraOrdinaire!), Kaia Keaton, and Emilia Farance. And on Johan Marfey's team: Amir Ghirany, Kyla Pilgrim, and SeeYoung Lee.


As expected, the Seniors games were intoxicating, filled with action and advanced skills. The games were a marvel to watch. The victorious team that will move on to the Championship game are: Frantz Enama vs. Boris Lissassi, next Saturday at 1PM. While the consolation game will be held at 3PM between Cesar & Marianna vs. Daniel Folla.

Nov. 23, 1:00PM: Championship game: Frantz Enama's team vs. Boris Lissassi's team
3:00PM: Consolation game: Cesar & Mariana's team vs. Daniel Folla's team

Stats for the Seniors:

                          Points               Rank            Goals
Frantz Enama     24                      1st place       37
Boris Lissassi    14                       2nd place     44
Daniel Folla       13                      3rd place      31
Cesar &               6                      4th place       36

Noteworthy on Cesar & Marianne team are: Jaden Perry, Mepham Yugyel, and Luis Tejada. From Frantz's team: Daniel Wlczuk, Laura King, and Nadia Affolter. While the following players shined on Boris Lissassi's team: Ian Chapman, Ez Malik, Jaden Luna, and Aron Pazmino. And on Daniel Folla's team:
Peter Suggs, Tatiana Dickens, Muhammad Elbadri, and Nonso Nwaokolo.

Please take a moment to say congratulations to coach Boris for the birth of his baby girl Nia Akemi Lissassi!

The FINALS will be held on November 23rd... come watch the clash of the titans!! Soccer at its best!!



Joan Markey said...

Adib's video is just beautiful. Well done!

RooseveltIslander said...

Oops. Thank you. Made the date correction. I agree the video is beautiful.

whcho12 said...

Wow!! Adib!!
Thank you for beautiful video!
I love it!!
From. Seoyoung^^

D. Evans said...

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful work the volunteer coaches and others do in support of Island soccer. The Roosevelt Island Youth Program is broadly applied and without equal. Kudos!!!