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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remarkable Video Of River In The Basement Tells Story Of Hurricane Sandy's Flooding Of NYC Public Hospitals Including Roosevelt Island's Coler Hospital

The NYC Health & Hospitals Corp (HHC) provides a close up view of Hurricane Sandy's flooding of its facilities in this video titled The River In The Basement.
Despite the unprecedented scope of Superstorm Sandy, HHC staff members stayed on the job before, during, and after the storm to care for New Yorkers in need.
Here's an excerpt from the video showing how Roosevelt Island's Coler Hospital

was damaged by Hurricane Sandy's East River flooding.

Watch the entire video here.

More on Hurricane Sandy Coler Hospital conditions and its partial evacuation at previous post.


Frank Farance said...

Mr. Prekopa: Your statements are false. You say I disrupt meetings, but that is absolutely untrue: I am polite and courteous in meetings, I raise my hand and wait my turn, everyone know that about me. As an officer of the corporation, I have raised a variety of issues concerning potential problems in the corporation. You should read what the Attorney General says in his publication on how to run nof-for-profits. You'd see that directors have a right to such information, and that directors need to put their concerns in writing to make it clear what positions directors had with regard to decision-making (my concerns have been expressed in E-mails on the CCtalk E-mail reflector). I am doing what the Attorney General advises, the problem is that many RIRA Common Council members do not understand their corporate responsibilities, so it devolves into Book Club kinda discussion, rather than appreciating that officers/directors are expressing legitimate concerns.