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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Roosevelt Island Resident Joyce M Short Authors New Book - Carnal Abuse By Deceit

Roosevelt Island resident Joyce M. Short has authored a newly released book on a very serious subject - Carnal Abuse By Deceit.

Ms. Short reports:
Carnal Abuse by Deceit is a heart wrenching tale of rape by fraud, how it happens, why it happens, and what to do if it ever happens to you or someone you care about. It relates the impacts on the author, Joyce M. Short, who lives right here on Roosevelt Island. It's available on Amazon, as a paperback, and will shortly be available for Kindles.
According to Amazon:
... Carnal Abuse by Deceit dispels common theories about victims who remain with betraying or abusive partners. It identifies the status of criminal law on rape by fraud in many states, and explains the disordered moral reasoning that enables offenders to act with blatant disregard for their intended victims. Today's electronic dating and ease of travel greatly increase the specter of falling prey to an emotional or sexual predator. This revealing tale provides clues that can make finding a loving relationship safer for all.
The book can be purchased at Amazon here.

UPDATE 5:20 PM - More information on this subject is available at CAD Alert.


CheshireKitty said...

Congratulations, Joyce M. Short! A link to your book should be made available to those going on electronic dating sites, as part of a warning or disclaimer to users, since these sites unfortunately represent ideal locations for "deceit with the intention of later abuse" to occur.

OldRossie said...

Cheshire: "...Bill Blass. He actually represents the views of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers."

Bill Blass: "I seen enough Koreans when I was in the war". "When are the technology nerds moving onto the island.". "The Europeans moving onto the island are very rude." "Ok maybe the new Chinese hipsters who have been moving into eastwood may like it." "Is Roosevelt island the new China town", "Most of you are hicks from the mid west", This can go on and on. The views of the majority? I don't think so.

Friendly reminder: Deblasio was elected by the smallest turnout in NYC mayoral election history. 24% is not the majority.

Bill Blass said...

These online dating services are for the birds '.to all you woman looking for a don't need a dating service .just be as good in the bedroom as you are in the kitchen.and you will be fine

CheshireKitty said...

OMG. This is sexist - even as a "joke". Sorry, Bill: Please show some respect for 1/2 of human race - that isn't male!

Bill Blass said...

New to ri let me guess you grew up in the mid west.most likely were the high school home coming queen. While in high school worked in Wal-Mart. Part time.married the star high school football player he looks like tab hunter from the 1950s. Beach movie's. Then you both went off to a state college. Done with college you did not want to return to the town you grew up in. Too many hicks. So you two decided to come to new York because of the highest paying jobs in America. And now you live on the island.

Bill Blass said...

Sorry kitty. I did not mean to upset you.

CheshireKitty said...

OK - We are friends again. :.X-----\

CheshireKitty said...

Back at you, Rossie: " in the 2009 general election for mayor, fewer than one in five New Yorkers of voting age cast a ballot (18.4 percent)." Did that turnout result invalidate in any way Bloomberg's win?

I have nothing against various ethnic groups - after all, I am a cat with a tendency to vanish, unlike most other cats, as such may not be considered similar to most cats. It is difficult being a CK sometimes, but CKs in general do not particularly go for feline "colonies" and the like - since they do have a tendency to vanish.

Bill says some things for "shock or annoyance" value. He would have to agree we were all "arrivals" - either from overseas or domestically - at some point, and that only the indigenous peoples are Native Americans. So why quibble about who is rude, who is not rude, etc. Everyone is "absorbed" within a short amount of time.

The issue that irks Bill and many others is one of fairness - and it affects plenty of Asian and European migrants, too. The widespread perception is that Bloomberg was biased against the "underclass" or those struggling to survive.

This is what I meant when I said that Bill's views mirror those of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers - as seen in the 5 November election. Granted, voter turnout in the 2013 exceeded that of the even lower 2009 mayoral election voter turnout, by several points: All that proves is that voters were slightly less apathetic this time around than last. New Yorkers are so blase that even a slight uptick in turnout has to be counted as "enthusiasm".

Of course there continues to be a great deal of voter apathy in NYC mayoral elections, but the trend judged by numerous opinion polls taken before the vote, showed a consistently huge approval rating for Bill Deblasio of those polled - if that is any indicator of overall voter opinion, or constituent approval.

Heather Wolfe Taylor said...

Don't feed the trolls, NewtoRI.

NewToRI said...

You're off on a good amount of accounts. Perhaps you should take some grammar lessons and maybe you'll be able to get further in life.

NewToRI said...

Where do you see anyone championing the rights of developers. No one here is bringing up mayoral elections and their impact. It's like you feel these facts you know have an expiration date and you need to shoehorn them in to any conversation to use them.

The point I was making is that people are tired of Bill Blass' prejudiced nature against those who can afford market value rent. OldRossie showed documented comments below that he has no anecdotes to back up his statements.

OldRossie said...

You said 18.4% in 2009, then provided a link. This is from your own link: "The 2009 mayoral election in New York City yielded the lowest turnout since 1969 with only 29%." I think our mismatch is I am referring to percentage of registered voters. HOWEVER, I completely agree with your points - unlike me many perceive bloomberg to have had harmful bias, polls trend in favor of Deblasio (before and after the election), there is a necessary shift coming to the city (which I look forward to as well, it's how we keep it together...), and Bill's comments are generally worthless save for his thought-out remarks on actual issues.

All of that said, NewToRI is also correct in saying you're the only one (most of the time) raising things like the mayoral election, and you do it in EVERY CONVERSATION!! Why? we get that you have your concerns (though you don't seem to suffer as much as those you claim to support), and they are applicable to many discussions (such as moving people out of the hospital - which does just feel wrong...). But to raise class warfare regarding benches? That's the kind of thing that makes you sound a little... off. Not to mention the whole cat thing...

NYCIslander said...

Yes, lay off Bill Blass, no one should really take him seriously. If it were up to him the Island would be inhabited by homeless & lazy people who don't want to work & want to live off of Section 8, Ha ha, real paradise living.

CheshireKitty said...

What Bill Blass and many others dislike is the island being turned over to the rich - i.e. those that can afford market value rent. It started with Octagon and Southtown which which developed as overwhelmingly market value, and continued with vacancy decontrol in Eastwood when it exited M-L. Thus, the supply of affordable housing on RI - as in all of NYC - continued to shrink. On RI, at least, there was a GDP, which was supposed to prevent the island from ever becoming an enclave for the rich.

RI will never be a purely rich, yuppie enclave, however, because of the existence of 2-4. I'm certain one day the building owners and developers will figure out a way to get rid of 2-4, so as to "purify" the island of the "low-class" element.

Until then, those that can afford the market value rents will just have to live cheek-by-jowl with the rest of us, the folks who may be elderly on a fixed income, or disabled, or on a fixed income for any of a number of other reasons.

Ever wonder when outsourcing of jobs was going to have a blow-back effect? Well, the effect is now. Entry-level manufacturing jobs, the sort that once absorbed thousands of New Yorkers - the non-yuppies - are gone. There are very few alternatives for many young men: The military? Maybe. What else are working-class guys supposed to do - flip burgers for the rest of their lives, never afford a market rate apt on minimum, etc. Because of the absence of good paying jobs, you have of necessity the perpetuation of poverty. It is an obvious statement but one that never seems to get through the thick skulls of characters like you. Outsourcing was only a good idea for the capitalists and yuppies. It wasn't a good idea for the 99%. So now you live with it - a rich yuppie swimming in a sea of the poor and under-employed. You like that sort of world - you got it.

Bill Blass said...

This Christmas season I plan to say merry Christmas to people and call the Christmas tree on main street a Christmas tree I wiil not be calling it a holiday tree.I dont care what you p c people have to say about this

mjmnyc said...


CheshireKitty said...

Christmas trees are based on a pagan tradition anyway - tree worship - that was co-opted by the Church. Many holidays have their roots in pagan traditions. If we were going to be honest about it, we should all be saying "Merry Festivus!" instead of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukkah"..!

Bill Blass said...

Its the hipsters who started this p.c b s

CheshireKitty said...

I disagree - it started long before the hipsters came along.

Political correctness is an offshoot of the prevailing/mainstream left-liberal "indoctrination" most thought leaders receive along with their university or higher education. There's nothing wrong with that - unless it goes too far, as with PC. Anything that stifles free speech, or free expression as long as it's not insulting or offensive, should be tolerated.

If I'm a Native American, I may not celebrate Columbus Day for example, the way most Americans observe it. Although my viewpoint may be a "minority" viewpoint, it must not be stifled. As a Native American, I personally won't interfere with your observance of Columbus Day - parades and so forth; however, there there are indigenous tribes throughout the Western Hemisphere that do stage demonstrations in protest of the observance of Columbus Day.

The tenet should be tolerance. If RIOC is erecting a Christmas tree - since clearly, that is what a tree illuminated with lights around the time of Christmas clearly is - then they should say they are staging, and paying for, a custom that is associated with a religious Holiday - Christmas.

Some might say RIOC sponsoring the Christmas Tree lighting is a violation of the US separation of Church and State, and that is why RIOC is careful to not say it is actually a Christmas Tree, when in fact that is exactly what it is, and to call the jolly old elf in a red snow suit who shows up to have his photo taken with the kids "Santa", although "Santa" really refers to a Christian Saint from Asia Minor named Saint Nicholas

Sometimes, PC can go too far - but PC was not a result of the hipsters, Bill. If anything, the hipsters are the result of PC...

Bill Blass said...

Hey kitty there are poster's on main street saying stop the sellout of rivercross from michell lama. Do you know anything about this. Who or what is behide this.

CheshireKitty said...

Really? First I've heard about it? I'll have to check them out. I know a little about it but not that much. The coops there were originally very cheap, but now the prices have risen. Some there want to sell out and leave, go to Florida and so forth.

Bill Blass said...

Kitty those posters have been ripped down.

nwalden said...

Although it is a widespread and devastating form of sexual
abuse, most people have never heard of rape by fraud. Ms. Short's book on the
topic, Carnal Abuse by Deceit, will help to change this. In this book, Ms. Short
provides a poignant and thought provoking autobiographical account, together
with information no-one should be without: from how to recognize a predator, to
legal statutes by state.

In addition to the book, Ms. Short has also created a blog,,
which features information about Carnal Abuse by Deceit and a forum where
survivors can share their stories.