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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Roosevelt Island Residents Express Concern Over Dead Squirrels Found Near Westview And Good Shepherd Community Center

For the last several days, I have been receiving reports from concerned residents of dead squirrels being found on Roosevelt Island near Westview and the Good Shepherd Community Center:

There is something suspicious going on with island squirrels being found dead (poisoned) by Westview building.. Please let me know if there is someone in RIOC or PSD who would shed a light on poison being used on island grounds... next time it could be someone dog or even a child.
Another Roosevelt Island resident shares this report and pictures:
For the last month and a half someone announced a genocide on our island squirrels.

Me and my husband discovered 8 bodies. One of them is still lying

in the corner schoolyard next to Westview.

Someone ... hates these animals.

The rat poison is being distributed freely, and especially in Westview backyard

and around the church, looks like a children's toy or candy - it is bright pink tube or a box, that can end up in a child poisoning.

We need to warn all people to be vigilant and report dead squirrels and suspicious bright pink objects on the ground.

I tried to save one yesterday, but it died at the hospitals doors.

We found the pink tube and a dying squirrel in the Westview backyard. I rushed to save the squirrel but that forced me to drop the pink tube through the hole in the manhole. I was afraid to put it in my pocket or leave it there for another squirrel. Here is a picture of it through the manhole hole. It's a pink little thing on the left bottom.

Squirrels on our island are the last original inhabitants that we have left. We have to protect them!
I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato:
I have been told that there have been several incidents of dead squirrels found recently in the area of Westview. There are suspicions of poison.

Do you have any information on this?
Ms. Indelicato responded that RIOC is looking into the matter and:
We are now setting traps for the rats rather than poison
Ms. Indelicato also urged residents to inform RIOC if they see any more dead squirrels or have any information regarding the incidents.

With the increased construction in Southtown and the Goldwater Hospital demolition/Cornell campus coming soon, rats are going to become a greater problem on Roosevelt Island so a way must be found to safely address the issue of pest control.


CheshireKitty said...

Please, Yet. She admits she is switching to traps rather than the poison. It is true that RIOC could have been putting down a sort of poison other than the candy-colored sort - but it is certain she is now switching to traps rather than poison. She can't deny that another rodent species - the squirrels, probably nibbled on the poison intended for the rats, and subsequently expired.

Indelicato must pledge never to put down rat poison again without informing the public, and posting signs.