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Friday, January 17, 2014

Women In Prison On Roosevelt (Welfare) Island - Come To RIHS Fundraiser Theater Night With Performance Of Island Girls At Theater For The New City On Sunday January 19

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) is holding a Theater Night Fundraiser with a performance of Island Girls at the Theater For The New City on Sunday, January 19 at 3 PM. Tickets are $25. According to RIHS:
Island Girls: before Orange Is the New Black, women in 1927 were incarcerated in the Women’s Penitentiary on Welfare Island. A short ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of mid- town Manhattan, on what is now Roosevelt Island, the prison became a revolving door for many women from varying ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds who found themselves on the wrong side of the law. A newly-graduated social worker comes face to face with her own biases grounded in her white, upper class background while she gets to know the prisoners. Carefully researched, Island Girls brings to life examples of the unknown or forgotten stories of thousands of women of New York City nearly a century ago.
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Carole said...

It is not about hate but to encourage visitors to Roosevelt Island to be civilized traveler following the most fundamental rule of traveling anywhere in the world, leave no track! What if everyone also a "wannabe" bird whisperer? Will they also pay for clean up and rats infestation problem?

Carole said...

Well, this is not Europe or any other country who still practice this uncivilized act of feeding pigeons. Roosevelt island residents utilizes the meditation steps on daily basis, and those simple act of feeding will encourage the number of pigeons growing knowing food are readily available from visitors and wannabe bird whisperer with similar self entitlement mentality like Mr. Budulay... Not to mention the health hazards of pigeon droppings.