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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vertigo On The Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station Escalator - 157 Steps Down To The Platform From Street

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

According to the F Train Station Reporter:
... Roosevelt Island (On Roosevelt Island, Main Street and about 500 feet north of the Tramway terminal) Opened 10/29/1989: One of the deepest stations in the entire NYCT system, it takes 157 steps from the stationhouse at street level to either platform. It has a nice WMATA (Washington D.C. Metro Subway) feel of a high arched ceiling. The station walls are curved with beams at both platforms, the only NYCT station in the entire system to have this look. There are 4 levels from mezzanine to platform level, a total of 10 escalators, 2 large staircases, and 2 smaller staircases 1 to each platform. The balcony level above the platform, affords a nice view of the station and tunnel mouth facing the Queens end, as well as trains entering and leaving this station. Station is fully ADA accessible, 1 elevator to each platform is located at opposite end of stairs/escalators to the stationhouse level. This gives the clearest indication on how deep you are below the surface. politically It is a pert of Manhattan....