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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fire At Roosevelt Island's Rivercross Building Tonight - Lots Of Smoke, Four Minor Injures

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

A reader reports:
The fire was in the blue wing of the building, is under control at this time.
Another reader:
An elderly couple had a fire in their apt. Lots of smoke. Blue wing of building. They are okay.
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Jack McManus adds that there were four minor injures and:
EMS looked at 3 or 4 individuals however none required any further medical aid and left the scene accordingly. No one required transport to the hospital. Heavy FDNY response due to the fact that the involved building is considered a High Rise.
From RIOC Advisory:
Due to an earlier smoke condition which began from an electrical outlet on the third floor of River cross, Main Street Traffic was temporarily delayed. there were several persons attended to by EMS all of which refused medical attention. All Emergency Fire Apparatuses have left the Island allowing traffic on Main Street to resume to normal.