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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Impressive Balance Beam Gymnastics Routine At Roosevelt Island Fitness Area - Nice Dismount Too

Image From dummyado

You can practice your gymnastics too at the Roosevelt Island outdoor fitness area

adjacent to Octagon Soccer Field.


CheshireKitty said...

Stop and frisk was not that effective, according to a NYCLU report released Wednesday, that this Washington Post blog article reports on.

Frank Farance said...

OldRossie: OK, but that's what those experiments were for in Psych 101: to reveal things that people won't admit directly. I agree the topic requires additional study. See the article on Illusory Correlations (""), which cites some experiments that explore the development of stereotypes ... an interesting read.

NotMyKid said...

Once you understand that it is not called STOP AND FRISK, AND ACTUALLY CALLED STOP, QUESTION AND POSSIBLY FRISK, you will get it.

If a radio run comes over for a robbery and the perp is a male black wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, guess what! You have every cop in the precinct looking for that description.

When the police forcefully detains someone for a serious crime, or even for a lower level crime, a form is filled out.

Not every S,Q P F" form is turning someone upside down looking for a gun.

It doesn't work like that.

That is where the media, ACLU and other people who have absolutely no clue on how the stop is actually made, rapidly become experts.

Whatever you types up and said has absolutely zero bearing on how a police officer utilizes the SQPF method.

Majority of violent crime occurs in minority neighborhood, guess who the majority are in the minority neighborhoods? Yes, you guessed it... Minorities.

The numbers are absolutely proportional to criminality in the area that is being patrolled.

NotMyKid said...

The same form is filled out if the person was FRISKED or asked a pointed question to their activity moments before.

The numbers are completely skewed and not correct. I blame the nypd for not keeping a proper tally of people FRISKED vs ASKED QUESTIONS about their behavior/activity.

NotMyKid said...

You obviously haven't stepped foot in a project building.

CheshireKitty said...

This is a misleading answer. Hundreds of thousands of stops were performed not in response to a description of a robbery suspect. You are rationalizing how mass-basis stop, question, and frisk was performed. Numerous elected officials including the Mayor oppose it and the Courts ruled it un-Constitutional. Only the police union fought against the Court ruling.

I don't accept your reasoning - not for a minute. The way the Bloomberg admin was using mass-basis stop and frisk, was as a tool of harassment/suppression of neighborhoods he disliked. He was dividing the City - for nothing, since the policy really wasn't "effective."

Bloomberg had a number of ways of dividing the City. He had a cruel policy toward the homeless. He didn't address the problem of disappearing affordable housing. He was hoping "all the poor people" would just disappear so the City would become more like him, more a City of the rich.

Luckily, the election numbers were not in favor of his clone, Ms. Quinn, and the progressive challenger won the Mayoral election - more or less on his opposition to that one very divisive, very unfair policy of Mayor Bloomberg: Mass-basis stop and frisk.

CheshireKitty said...

Oh, please: Everyone knows what was going on during the Bloomberg administration. If it wasn't mass-basis stop and frisk, it was road-blocks and car searches. Everyone could see that people of color were always targeted, whether they were walking or driving along. Nine times out of ten, the searches found nothing - and the person was just a law-abiding individual minding his own business.

RooseveltIslander said...

that's very interesting. Do you have an estimate of the percentage of people questioned who were also frisked?

CheshireKitty said...

Here is an article re the March 2013 secret recording of NYPD supervisors explicitly ordering the targeting for stop 'n' frisk of young men of color.

As the article says, "...the NYPD set quotas for arrests [which]... explains the fact that, in 2011, NYPD made more stops of young black men than there actually are young black men in the city."

The policy of course was set at the top. By June 2013, with the City Council legislating to curb the practice and the Court about to rule against him, Bloomberg was defending his policy in terms pretty much universally decried, even by Quinn:

As far as what it's like to live in housing that was deliberately allowed to deteriorate under a generation of having conservative Republicans in City Hall, the shame is that one of the richest cities in one of the richest countries on earth, somehow never could get the funding together to make the needed repairs.

Providing the funding, hiring people to make the repairs would have generated jobs, would have supported the local economy as needed supplies were purchased, and would have resulted in safer and updated living conditions for residents - a win-win-win situation. This funding was deliberately denied to the pjs under BB.

Ever tried to "sue" your landlord - if the landlord was the City of NY? Hah. Your complaints just get added to the long list of complaints, to the long list of the hundreds of thousands of backlog repairs that developed under the prior administration.

When it came time to make the repairs, in those days, the City had no money. Yet a few blocks away the City had plenty of money it would afford to "lose" - the tax abatements it bestowed on developer friends of BB so never-ending luxury housing could be built. The mixed message of the unequal development of the past 20 years wasn't lost on the vast majority of people - of all ethnicities - who cannot afford luxury apartments, and who finally voted according to their interests, their future, last November.

NotMyKid said...

No. But I can tell you that I have filled out a couple hundred of those forms for simple stops without a frisk. Simple stop from a radio call, etc.

Does the nypd have a tally somewhere? No clue. I wish they would have released it if they did have a tally though.

NotMyKid said...

Well. Now... As the people wished, the cops are not as productive as before. It's too risky to be a cop. Lawsuits, suspensions, dismissals. Why risk it?

There's your answer.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: According to NYPD, you're wrong on your stats: Midtown South is the precinct near us with the most violent crime (2867 crimes in 2013), and if you add Midtown North (2274 crimes) that's over 5000 crimes in a largely "white" area, see racial/ethnic map at "".

Ditto for 19th Precinct of the Upper East Side up to 96 street, which is 80-90% white: 2063 crimes, which is more than the combined crimes of 28th Precinct of Harlem (926 crimes) and 23rd Precinct of El Barrio (1068 crimes).

(Note: The 75th Precinct in East New York has the most crimes at 3914, see "" for a map of each precinct.)

And City-wide "As a whole, Manhattan suffers greater crime than many parts of the other four boroughs" (see "").

So with 88% of stop-n-frisks for people who are "totally innocent" in neighborhoods that are predominantly white, one would expect a larger white population than 11% in the stop-n-frisk data.

According to you "a radio run comes over for a robbery and the perp is a male black
wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, guess what! You have
every cop in the precinct looking for that description", which means there are lots of stop-n-frisks in black neighborhoods, and also stop-n-frisks for the few blacks in a white neighborhoods.

But when the robbery perp is a white male wearing a white dress shirt and slacks in Midtown, a largely white neighborhood, "[do you] have every cop in the precinct looking for that description"? My hunch is that NYPD doesn't stop all of those people who fit the "description", my hunch is that there is a bias in the stop-n-frisks ... because until you have the same number of stop-n-frisks for white males wearing white dress shirts and slacks in Midtown or the Upper East Side, then there is a racial/ethnic bias ... plain and simple, as you have framed it yourself. Thanks for the insight into your thinking.

NotMyKid said...

Your talking about precincts with very limited residents and whose main victims are tourists and transients.

I worked both commands. I know first hand.

Give up on your philosophy.

Vast majority of crimes in those commands are grand larcenies and grand larceny of merchandise from stores such as macys, etc.

Try to convince someone else, not me.

And yes, the vast majority of people that were locked up were male blacks. Unfortunently.