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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update On NYPD Hate Crime Investigation Of Assault On Roosevelt Island Sikh Resident - 15 Year Old Turns Himself In To Police Yesterday

 Image Of August 14 Sikh Coalition Press Conference (Dr Batra On Right)

Reported August 14:
... on an assault that took place near the Blackwell Park playground

Image Of Blackwell Plaza From Google Maps

against a Roosevelt Island Sikh resident, Dr. Jaspreet Singh Batra, that is being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force.
Yesterday, an arrest was made in the August 7 assault of Dr. Batra. According to a NYPD spokesperson, a 15 year old Roosevelt Island male, accompanied by his mother, turned himself in to the 114 precinct for the assault against Dr. Batra, No other arrests were made and the investigation is continuing.

Dr. Batra described the August 7 incident during August 14 press conference organized by the Sikh Coalition.

More information available from previous posts.


Marsattacks said...

This "youth" should be charged as an adult and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

OldRossie said...

100% agreed.

Marsattacks said...

Guerra never was opposed to body cameras,nor was most of the department. In fact most of the department was for body cameras. It came down to a Psd union and a rioc contract issue. You simply cannot buy body cameras and demand that officers wear them. There was an officer privacy issue etc and and the Psd officers contract would have had to be redone in order for officers to wear the cameras. I personally was for body cameras. Would have made my life easier as an officer as well as my fellow officer against the BASELESS complaints I'm talking about. The complaints that came from people that were simply mad at Psd because they got a summons or got a parking ticket,then went to Erin Feely,sang a song and told a story,which contained about 25% facts,then feely would go running with a story. Printing up complete garbage and posting it on island kiosk. But that is not here or there. Point being,on Roosevelt island,officers are guilty until proven guilty,and the people who actually commit crimes,are innocent until proven innocent

CheshireKitty said...

Guerra had several months between Shinozaki's suggestion that body cameras be implemented and his departure to see to it that whatever needed to be done was done so that the cameras could have been purchased and implemented - but he never did.

Is it such an impossibility? It sounds like it will never happen because of "issues" -- yet everyone knows cameras will protect the officers from unfounded complaints as well as provide evidence of brutality if it does occur.

No - I don't buy it that Guerra was for body cameras. If Guerra had been for body cameras, he would have seen to it that they were implemented. Did he do anything to make body cameras a reality? I highly doubt it.

You can continue to characterize the complains as "BASELESS" as long as you like - it doesn't change the reality that real people from across the social/economic/ethnic spectrum of residents, filed real complaints. If you had attended the rallies, you would have heard first-hand the complaints, which were quite compelling. And the Jones case? That was "BASELESS" too? The medical records don't lie, Mars: Jones was beaten to within an inch of his life, and only the PSOs could have administered such a beating.

And what about the Deli incident? That incident of brutality was caught on tape. Why didn't the IG at least decry PSD over-enforcement as seen in the tape of the Deli incident?
The posters weren't garbage: They contain the victims' stories. All these victims filed complaints - all these complaints were just - ignored by the IG - exactly how
RIOC never commented or investigated the complaints.

But there is no adjudication process, no CCRB. People are entitled to file complaints which are then adjudicated. If I complain about an incident of police brutality, of course I am saying the officer was wrong.

It's up to an impartial CCRB to decide if the complaint has merit. This is similar to a regular trial process which is the usual means of arriving at justice.

YetAnotherRIer said...

I'm sorry but you do not leave scooters that cost as much as a bike (a brand new Xootr MG goes for $250 - I have one myself) unattended and unlocked. Even 5 or 10 years ago.

YetAnotherRIer said...

"The issue of opening the promenade 24/7 is a bit more challenging. As you know, Southpoint Park closes at 10. Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents reported to PSD of individuals climbing fences or trying to obtain entrance into South Point, FFP and the Cornell site."

And that is BS reasoning. Maybe we should just implement a curfew? That would resolve all the vandalism problems.

OldRossie said...

Marsattacks just pointed out that cameras wouldn't have been possible with the union and rioc contracts. Why are you continuing to attack guerra? Is it just that you're blindly against guerra and blindly pro union?

Frannie Fran said...

I don't agree, I feel the 15 year old could learn from some jail time or probation and a program to attend, if it was murder I would feel diffently.

NotMyKid said...

If PSD officers get body cameras, then they will need guns.

Who is looking out for PSDs safety and security?

100% right said...

OldRossie, you are 100% right. It has been painfully obvious that Kitty has a personal vendetta against Guerra. Maybe he didn't listen to one of hair brain suggestions. Or maybe she's a big fan of Feely. Or maybe she had a crush on him. Either way, all she talks about is him and his tenure, as if during the 5 years he was here it was a free-for-all. All I know is that PSD officers have never just walked around the island just beating people up. If anything, I've seen way more of them get hurt during tussles started by residents looking to challenge them and their authority. But that's neither here nor there. The point I'm trying to make here is that Kitty didn't like Guerra and the guy has been gone over a year, and she still talks about him. Move on Kitty. Bring your comments into the present, and be part of the solution for the future.