Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Residents And Public Safety Officers Work Together To Help Roosevelt Island Woman Who Fainted At Subway Station

Frank Farance shares this message he sent to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department

Image From RIOC

Director Jack McManus last night:
Tonight I was getting off the F train and up the first escalator when I heard something drop, and it looked like people were having difficulty getting off the escalator (a dangerous condition). A woman had collapsed and a man was picking her up. I asked if they needed help, and she fainted again. He held her from the side, and I was behind her in case she fell backward on the next sets of escalators. I told her Public Safety could pick her up and take her home (not really walkable in her condition). So we sat at the bench outside the subway, people made room for her, and Public Safety was there in minutes: first Officer Bonafacio, and then Sgt. Rivera. They called EMS, who arrived a couple minutes later, checked her condition, and then released her. Public Safety gave her a ride, and an escort home. She had messaged her roommates, and they would take care of her now.

Thanks to Officer Bonafacio and Sgt. Rivera, for their quick response - this was comforting to the woman. And thanks to the PSD staff that coordinated the EMS call and directed them to our location. Great coordination, great teamwork, and uniquely Roosevelt Island!
Good job.