Friday, September 11, 2020

Will Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Be Able To Move Back To Cold Weather Home At Motorgate Plaza Currently Occupied By Citibike Dock? Confident It Will Happen Says RIOC President

For many Roosevelt Island residents, the Saturday Farmers Market is a beloved member of our community - a place to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and other items from the various vendors and a gathering spot to meet and talk with your neighbors.

Recently, concerns have arisen that the Farmers Market might not be able to move their site back to Motorgate Plaza when the weather starts getting colder because of the Citibike docking station located there earlier this spring.

Resident Matt Katz shares this message he sent to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes regarding the Farmers Market:
As we approach the cooler months I wanted to urge you to make plans for Wengerd Farm and the satellite vendors, to move back to their traditional site under the helix, where they were located year-round for twenty-five years.

The CitiBike stands are in that place now and should be moved across the road to where the bike circle is; and where they should have been placed originally.

I understand from Israel Wengerd that any other location might force him to curtail service to the community during the winter months; a considerable loss to the many residents who count on them for their fresh produce and other provisions.

The current location in Good Shepherd Plaza has worked extremely well, and the care Public Safety has shown in keeping shoppers safe has been impressive. Of course, the cross-island winds in the inclement seasons make it necessary to move back to their original venue....
Earlier this week I asked Mr Haynes:
A petition is being started by residents in support of the Farmers Market moving back to their traditional spot by Motorgate Plaza, in the spot currently occupied by Citibike, as the weather get colder.

Is there any issue from Rioc preventing Farmers Market from moving back to Motorgate?

My understanding from you previously was that Citibike Motorgate location would move to another spot when Farmers Market returned to their long time site at Motorgate for the colder months.

Has anything changed? Will the Farmers Market be able to return to their traditional cold weather spot at Motorgate Plaza?
Mr Haynes replied yesterday:
Thank you for fact checking as this is inaccurate. We are working with Israel to move back to the location by Motorgate Plaza and are confident it will happen. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.