Monday, August 13, 2007

Italy Loves Roosevelt Island

Received this comment from a reader:

today (12th of August) I visited the island for the very first time and I immediately fell in love with it.
I am an Italian 28 yo software engineer seeking for a place to live in NY.
Roosvelt Island is the place to be!

Prices are quite high (as the rest of the city, btw) but one way or the other I will move there.

R.I. is the best place I have seen in NYC.

Roosevelt Island image is from New York Social Diary.


Anonymous said...

If you like RI now, wait until the Sticky Cherry ( the new Strip Club ) opens in November

Anonymous said...

The idea that the RIOC would premit a " Gentalmens Club" on the island disgusts me. We need to let our voices be heard.

Anonymous said...

Who knows Suzi might make a few extra bucks showing us your ASSets if we can get the club opened. Do you have a myspace page with some photos of you??