Thursday, September 27, 2007

Town Hall Meeting on Future of Roosevelt Island Tram!!

There is no issue facing Roosevelt Island more important than the fate of the Roosevelt Island Tram. According to the Main Street Wire (PDF File):
RIOC President Steve Shane will meet with the community Thursday evening, October 4, to lay out the possibilities for servicing and upgrading the Tramway. The session will start at 7:00 in Good Shepherd Community Center.
I’m going to give everyone who comes the preview of the presentation to the Board,” Shane wrote in an e-mail to The WIRE, referring to the scheduled October 18 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. “The idea is to gather community sentiment as to the question of whether to do only an overhaul or to go for the whole system change.There are pluses and minuses to either, and gradations in between.”
The Main Street Wire has links to engineering and consulting reports on the condition of the Roosevelt Island tram. Here is Executive Summary.
RIOC will webcast. Good idea so that those who are not able to attend or those who want to carefully evaluate the issues over a period of time can refer back to the presentation.

Above all Roosevelt Island residents want and need a reliable and safe transportation system to get on and off the Island. We do not want a repeat of the April 18-19, 2006 episode depicted here and in the above video of fellow residents and visitors stuck on the Roosevelt Island Tram dangling over the East River.

Here is Main Steet Wire transcript from NYC Council Hearings on Tram "mishap".
Video via Truveo and NY 1.


Anonymous said...

I would ride the tram more if there were topless babes on it.