Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday, Woman Hit By Bus Near Subway and Hazardous Exposed Wires Repaired In Playground

Image is for illustrative purposes only. It was not the bus involved in accident.

A woman was hit by a NY City bus yesterday as she was crossing the street near the subway. From the 7/28-29 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident Report:
Vehicle Accident- By Subway. Female ran across street to catch a city Bus without looking. She mad contact with another Bus. Neck pain sustained. NYPD report done. EMS transported her to the Hospital.
The same report also indicates that there were hazardous wires repaired near sprinkler in playground yesterday:
Hazardous Condition- Wires exposed in play ground by sprinkles. No injuries. Corrected by Facilities.


Anonymous said...

Just last night, I saw a southbound NY City bus speed through the stop sign at the crosswalk near the subway. The bus didn't slow down, let alone stop. This is quite alarming, in light of the recent accident you reported.

Anonymous said...

Buses and cars always run the stop signs. Public safety should just wait down the street and ticket blitz them.

Pete River Road said...

haha yeah, i agree with the ticket blitzing. i also think there should be seatbelt check points. i have almost gotten hit up by the post office area / Manhattan park area where people run those stop signs like it's their job.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for the woman who was hit. However, in a densely populated city, this will happen from time to time. The bus driver should be cited, perhaps criminally, and be reprimanded. However, the answer is simply care and defensive activity on the part of BOTH drivers and pedestrians. It has become virtually impossible to drive through LIC these days. There is an excess of lights - many installed recently. This causes a terrible waste of time and gasoline, and doesn't in every case materially improve safety.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrians need to learn how to look both ways and Drivers need to learn that just because no one is around it's not ok to drive through a stop sign. And in my opinion the amount of drivers running stop signs is too high. I stood on my terrace and watched 10 cars go by, 6 drove through the stop sign, 2 slowed down and slowly rolled through and only 2 came to a complete stop. It's not that hard to take one or two officers and have them stand down the street from a stop sign and ticket people, just do it for a couple days and things will get much better.