Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Parking Headaches on Roosevelt Island And What's The Deal With The Octagon Parking Garage?

Image of Van In 540 Main Breezeway Taken This Morning

A resident forwards the following message regarding Roosevelt Island street parking difficulties.
I have recently moved back onto Roosevelt Island. I have noticed a major issue regarding parking on the Island, especially in the breezeway of 540 Main Street where I live. I am not sure if you are aware but to park within the breezeway to even unload groceries or large packages, you must inform Public Safety and if there is a car there already you must park on the street due to fire safety. Parking on the street offers either street cleaning or a 40 minute timer which is sufficient time to unload most items. However there is a Dodge Caravan with license plate (Note - I deleted the number) that is parked there for hours on end at times without receiving a ticket. I’m assuming it belongs to a firefighter due to all the FDNY stickers on the car.

One day I needed to unload items because I was moving back in while that van was in the breezeway. I was told by Public Safety to park on across the street. It was during street cleaning hours and I personally saw the street cleaning vehicle sweep through already. So I thought that I was allowed to park there. I parked, purchased a ticket from the Munimeters and unloaded. Within about 10 minutes I was back down well within the time on the ticket and saw a Public Safety Officer issuing me a ticket for violation of street cleaning. If I was not allowed to park within the breezeway due to the firefighter’s van and unable to park on the street; Where was I suppose to park?

I understand the city is cracking down on police permits, PBA cards and other get-out-of-ticket passes that are issued to family members of city workers. I do not think that it is fair that those perks are given to some and enforced by some on who they choose. I am in the process of disputing this ticket and have numerous complaints from residents at 540 Main Street that I will be addressing to RIOC. Public Safety basically told me, “That’s too bad.” This is unacceptable. I wanted to inform you of unfair ticketing of Roosevelt Island residents.

Other than parking at one of the few sidewalk spots, the only other Roosevelt Island Parking options are at the Octagon and MOTORGATE GARAGE:
Motorgate Garage
Managed by Edison Parking
688 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, N.Y. 10044
Phone#: 212-832-4585

Daily up to1 Hour $7.00
up to 2 Hours $9.00
up to 4 Hours $12.00
up to 10 Hours $15.00
up to 24 Hours $20.00
Monthly Residents $180.00
Non-Residents $160.00
Reserved $235.00
The rates listed above are from RIOC's web page. My understanding is that the Monthly rates have been raised this July to $190 for all as reported by Roosevelt Island 360. There is also garage parking available at the Octagon building although it does not appear to be promoted or advertised. I walked over to the building and took this picture recently that shows hourly rates are lower at the Octagon than at the Motorgate but it is further away for most Roosevelt Islanders.

Anyone use the Octagon Garage other than building residents?

UPDATE - 5 PM - RIOC President Steve Shane comments on the 540 Main Street breezeway:
The van in question belongs to the super of Eastwood.
It is not a special deal with RIOC, as the breezeway space is covered
by Eastwood's lease. I am sure Urban America has authorized the car to
be there. RIOC's PSD does maintain control of the general public's use
of such spaces as a matter of public safety (fire, emergency access,
etc., as acknowledged by your poster). The FDNY stickers are of no
concern to RIOC. We have in the past and continue to make sure to have
the various placarded cars moved that had other than current, ligitimate
handicapped placards.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody actually take the street cleaning times seriously? I see the cleaner go around cars way more often than it actually cleans the curb. And hardly any officers around to ticket those cars.

Anonymous said...

They do run around slapping tickets on. Its just when they get around to it. They spend an awful amount of time patrolling. They do random checks to see if your car is illegally parked.

They say that theres a fire hazard there if more than two vehicles are parked there. The other day I saw a PSD car and that van there just doing nothing for an hour. Apparently fire safefy is only the PSD's concern when they have parking themselves.

Anonymous said...

"We have in the past and continue to make sure to have
the various placarded cars moved that had other than current, ligitimate
handicapped placards."

Time for people to start breaking their legs to unload things from Costco.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I only saw ONE (1) FDNY sticker on that van. Granted I have no idea whose van that is parked in the breezeway, you really need to learn how to stop over exaggerating with things. Go make your own parking spot, somewhere off the island.

Anonymous said...

the cars that the sweeper goes around are handicapped vehicles.

Apparently, if you have a handicap placard, and 97% of them are unnecessary, you don't have to move your car.

Handicapped parking is an absolute joke.

Anonymous said...

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chris said...

That guys van isnt FDNY he just has a couple stickers. Hes actually rioc maintenance which in reality should be meaningless but psd and rioc feel they are above All else on this measly little rock