Thursday, January 8, 2009

Roosevelt Island Helicopter Noise - What About the Late Night Helicopter Search Lights?

You Tube video of helicopter flying over Roosevelt Island

In response to this NY Times City Room article concerning Upper West Siders complaining about noise coming from overhead helicopters, one Roosevelt Island resident commented (#12):
Try living on Roosevelt Island, where overhead there is a daily barrage of police, traffic & commercial helicopters, seaplanes, regular aircraft and who knows what else.

The noise is unbearable, particularly when they fly low and slow, and frankly, it is incredible that even after the Cory Lytle “plane into building” episode, that the traffic is unregulated and worse than ever.

Shame on anyone and everyone who cannot control this menace.
The helicopter noise does not bother me, although I understand the complaint and recognize that people have different sensitivities to noise. I do wonder sometimes about what is going on when there is late night or early morning helicopter activity over Roosevelt Island and Long Island City, particularly when the high beam search lights are being flashed on the Keyspan's Big Alice plant.

Image from helicopter flying over Roosevelt Island from Viator


Boss Lady said...

I never hear any noise (other than the guy next door who plays loud music) - this is the quietest place that I've ever lived and I love it.