Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Design Possibilities - Will Robots Be Operating The Tram?

A reader forwards the following Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin design images sent from POMAGALSKI S.A. and their subsidiaries to RIOC President Steve Shane and Mr. Shane's request for comments from Roosevelt Islanders. From POMAGALSKI S.A.:

SIGMA has been working last week to design the cabin in accordance to our last meeting in RIOC two weeks ago.

Here attached you will find a set of images that we would like to present to you in order to get your approval in terms of aspect (taking apart any technical point). This is necessary to avoid a loss of time and to make sure that we are in the good directions before going further in the design procedure.

I would appreciate if you come back to us as soon as possible.
Mr. Shane sends the following to his Tram Cabin Focus Group.
My instant focus group. If I've left anyone out, I apologize in advance. Please feel free to inquire of your circle and get back to me with comments by COB tomorrow, April 2 so I can respond to the design team. Obviously, need poles to hang onto, cabin console, some provision for anchoring a wheelchair, roof hatch, signage, etc.

Other than the robot, who I am pretty sure will not be operating the Tram, what do you think of the designs?


Anonymous said...

The pictures only show the shell.

Will there be a smart solution for access by the handicapped (no gap) ?

Will there be any sskylight in the roof ?

RI 360 said...

Handholds in general I am sure are in the eventual planned design but it never hurts to push for more than less. I am also guessing the benches will have storage for all the emrgency equipment and portable bathroom stuff.

Anonymous said...

Other than the robot, which apparently is only for show, I don't see how this is any different from the current tram. Unless you count the fact that the one rider is forced to sit on the heating vent. Yeah, looks awesome, I can't wait to not ride it.

Anonymous said...

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