Monday, July 27, 2009

Fantastic Diane Birch Concert On Roosevelt Island Last Saturday - She Says Roosevelt Island Is Best Kept Secret!

Riverwalk Commons For Saturday's Diane Birch Roosevelt Live Concert

Saturday's Roosevelt Live Concert with Diane Birch was simply a great time for everyone who attended. The day was sunny and beautiful and Ms. Birch was spectacular.

It is easy to see why she will become a huge star very soon. I hope she remembers Roosevelt Island then and comes back to play another show. Really, why do the David Letterman show again when you can play Roosevelt Island again?

Diane Birch after Roosevelt Island Concert

Just kidding about playing the Letterman show. She can do both! Ms. Birch remarked that Roosevelt Island was New York's Best Kept Secret.

During the show, I noticed a gentlemen video taping the concert and asked him to upload it to You Tube. I think he did and if so. thanks very much

You Tube Video of Diane Birch performning Choo Choo

More You Tube Videos of Diane Birch performing at Roosevelt Island here.

UPDATE - 7/29 - More photos from Roosevelt Live Diane Birch Roosevelt Island Concert here.


Jaella Molina said...

Actually, the video recording of Diane Birch's performance was done by me, Jaella Molina. It was my first Diane Birch concert and I've only missed one concert in the New York area since! She's truly one of the best talents out there.