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Monday, October 19, 2009

Update On How To Set Up Shop At The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market - Here's The Scoop

Last Saturday At Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

I received this message from an officer of Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 PTA clarifying an earlier post on How To Set Up Shop At The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.
Good morning,

In response to your post regarding contact information for the Farmer's Market, I thought it might be helpful for you to have all the information regarding leasing space there, as you may be contacted again. The PTA of PS/IS217 is in charge of leasing the tables, at a cost of $30. Vendors usually supply their own tables, and any food vendors must have their own insurance. Interested parties can contact Nikki Leopold (PTA President) at, or Lydia Tang at

It has become increasingly clear that many Island residents are unaware that Farmer's Market is, in fact, a vital PTA funding source, and we appreciate the opportunity to relay it to them. We have also reached out to Yona's Gourmet Delights and are pleased that she may be setting up a table with us. It is important to mention, however, that decisions about leasing space is made solely by the PTA and not by any of the Vendors, and therefore, only the PTA should be contacted about the space.

Thanks so much,

Phoebe Flynn
3rd Vice President, PTA
Thanks for the additional information Ms. Flynn. The Farmers Market is great but additional vendors with more variety and quality products would be welcome as well.

Last Saturday At Roosevelt Island Farmers Market