Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Is Hip Hop - At Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park BBQ Last Weekend

Blogger Rox Fontaine reports that Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park was the place to be last Friday for a special night of Hip Hop. From Rox Fontaine:

... The music was blasting from the lone PA speaker and everyone was having a great time. Apparently, it was too loud for tiny Roosevelt Island's Public Safety and they barged in to tell the hosts to turn it down. The squad of about 6 officers hovered around for about 10 minutes and then walked off into the night. Of course, the music made it's way back up shortly thereafter and Public Safety was back again. This time in two vehicles. They made it clear that if the music didn't stay off, the party would be shut down.

People huffed and puffed for a short while about the lack of music and then something special happened.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*...NO MUSIC!

It started with two or three people and within seconds it grew to about 30 people. The chant continued and a group gathered. The "cypher" was officially opened and the MCs began to take control of the party. This is Hip-Hop!...
More here.

Here's some old school hip hop from a really good movie - 1984's Beat Street. Enjoy this scene with:
Grandmaster Melle Mel performing "Beat Street Breakdown", the first track of the original soundtrack album of the 1984 mainstream Hip-Hop dramatic feature film "Beat Street"
from You Tube.


Anonymous said...

And according to the blog "Eventually the "cypher" subsided and the music went back to full blast."

So much for respect... I wonder what the folks at Goldwater thought about Hip-Hop into late night at full blast.

Anonymous said...

since the owner of this blog is so influential, how about they state the rules of bbq and loud music for RI parks?

hmmm mr o'conner?


Not that influential - Here's BBQ policy from RIOC

Rule for loud music is to call Public Safety and they will take care of it.

Anonymous said...

I was coming home from work the other night (friday around 3 am) and as I was parking my car in the garage I saw a public safety suv being driven by who I guess was an officer, but they did not have a uniform on. The undercover act wasn't that convincing.

Anonymous said...

The PSD guys might just have used the SUV to get home

Anonymous said...

no, this woman was by herself in the patrol car driving around. not very professional. you think everyone would have a uniform.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Internal Affairs???

Anonymous said...

or maybe the department just doesn't give a shit