Sunday, January 9, 2011

Andrea Rosen, Comedian Who Grew Up On Roosevelt Island Profiled - Listened To Neighbor Buddy Hackett Telling One Liners, But Don't Fight Over A Duck

Image of Andrea Rosen From Get Off Your Knees Comedy

The Gorgeous Ladies Of Comedy (GLOB) blog profiles comedian Andrea Rosen, who grew up on Roosevelt Island.  From the GLOB interview:
Where did you grow up?
Roosevelt Island. Weird right? Grandpa from the Munsters lived there for a while when he was super old. And Buddy Hackett had an apartment in my building – he would do one liners for anyone who would listen. It was annoying....
Ms. Rosen recounts how she fell asleep during an audition for HBO"S Flight of the Conchords.

and here's Roosevelt Islander Buddy Hackett with Johnny Carson.

Watch the whole interview - the duck story is priceless.


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