Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roosevelt Island Author Jonathan Clements New Book - 48 And Counting, A Story Of Money, Love, Bicycling And Middle Age

Roosevelt Island resident and author Jonathan Clements shares the following:
I hope you’ll forgive a little shameless self-promotion: My latest book and first novel, 48 and Counting, is now available as a paperback through Amazon and as a Kindle and Nook e-book. The book was mostly written sitting at my dining-room table on Roosevelt Island.

As the subtitle suggests, the book is A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling. It traces amateur cyclist Max Whitfield through three eventful seasons as his marriage collapses and he loses control of his business. Unemployed and unsure what to do next, he throws himself into training for a 40-mile bicycle race.
An excerpt from the book:
Clare saw Max rise out of the seat. He was her 48-year-old father and yet, at that moment, he was somebody else entirely. The muscles in his arms were taut. His face and legs glistened with perspiration. As the bike leapt forward and gathered speed, he sat down, shifted into an easier gear and spun the pedals with a controlled fury. For a few brief seconds, the beauty was unmistakable.

Max's bike hurtled past the other two riders. A yawning gap immediately opened up. Max had his chance. He had broken free of the other two, who were now belatedly trying to respond, their suddenly feverish motion signaling how surprised they were. Max was 80 excruciating seconds from the finish line.
Mr. Clements adds:
The book talks a little about managing money and a lot about cycling, but it’s mostly about what the world looks like from middle-age. While this is my first work of fiction, I’ve written four earlier books—all on personal finance—and I spent 18 years at The Wall Street Journal, where I was the paper’s personal-finance columnist.
 Nothing wrong with self-promotion. Happy to help. 48 and Counting is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Perhaps Mr. Clements can give a reading from his book at Gallery RIVAA as these other authors have done.