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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Voice Can Change A Nation, President Barack Obama Asks If You Are Fired Up And Ready To Go - Re-Elect Barack Obama As President Of The United States - Good Turnout At Roosevelt Island So Far Today

At President Barack Obama's final campaign rally last night in Iowa, he explains how one person can make a difference in the fate of a nation.

You Tube Video Of Fired Up And Ready To Go

That person can be you today.

If you are a supporter of President Obama, please make sure you go out and vote for him today. Also, tell your friends in swing states such as Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, New Hamphshire, Iowa and North Carolina to do the same. Pennsylvania too, just to be safe.

Don't forget the hanging chads and dimple ballots fiasco from the Florida Presidential election in 2000. Every vote counts.

Voting was heavy this afternoon at Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217.

Which is very good. There were lines but not more than a 15-20 minute wait. Scanning machines were being used instead of the manual voting booths.

UPDATE 3 PM - Received reports a few minutes ago from some residents having problems with voting scanners at Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 polling location. For example:
Just got back from 217 where 2 scanning machines were not working. The line was getting very long. I hope they can fix the machines.
Also just got back from 217. It seemed very one directing people to the right lines...some ballots weren't being accepted by scanner. I had to get 2! I can see why people get so frustrated. Using a scanner is bothersome enough, but then to have only 1 working is just crazy!


mpresident said...

I was asked for ID by the federal poll watcher. I informed her that this was illegal! Don't let anyone ask you for ID when you vote for president!

SThia said...

A 20 minute wait is not really a wait... some people waited hours, in the cold to vote. We are lucky here. The only problem I had was one woman manning the scanner... she was exercising power where it wasn't needed causing a line when she wouldn't let you use the scanner without her taking you to the machine personally... really unnecessary unless you needed assistance, I also didn't appreciate her grabbing my ballot out of my hands.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Or, if you do not mind showing your id you are free to do that as well. No need to make a stink over something simple like this.

mpresident said...

Well I didn't have my ID with me and was on my way to work, so a stink was warranted.Thank you.