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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sing For Hope Public Art Installation Piano Coming To Roosevelt Island's Good Shepherd Plaza June 1 Thru 16 - Enjoy And Play It Says Piano Designer Mark Evans

Cheshire Kitty reported:

Artist-decorated pianos coming to 83 NYC locations - including RI - from June 1 to June 16: Sing for Hope
According to Sing For Hope:
This summer, from June 1st through June 16th, the Sing for Hope Pianos return to our city streets. In one of New York City’s most vibrant public art installations, 88 artist-designed pianos (one for each key on a piano) are placed in parks and public spaces throughout the 5 boroughs for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Visual artists from Sing for Hope’s roster of over 1,000 Volunteer Artists and local community members were selected through an open application process and donate their time and talent to create this beautiful gift to our city: 88 unique and interactive piano artworks.

Once on the streets, neighborhood associations and community organizations serve as “piano buddies” and supervise each piano throughout the duration of the project, making sure they are protected from inclement weather. The Sing for Hope Pianos unite our city, as artists from all walks of life create daily spontaneous concerts and neighborhoods come together around the shared gift of music and art....
More information on Sing For Hope here.

The Roosevelt Island Sing For Hope Piano will be located at Good Shepherd Plaza - 543 Main Street and was designed by Mark Evans who writes:
All done. Next time I see this guy it will be at Roosevelt Island, hopefully being enjoyed and played by many of you! Be sure to follow @sfhpianos to keep up with all the pop up piano updates these next few weeks!

Mr. Evans named the piano 88 Keys To Consciousness and explains:
... The piano itself becomes a living Rorschach test as each individual viewer reinterprets the glyphs -- creating their own characters, language, and narratives, within the art. The work becomes a collaboration between both artist and viewer, as each actively participates in the process of finishing the art and creating new worlds within their own subconsciousness....

In the summer of 2011 there was another Pop Up Piano Public Art installation on Roosevelt Island in front of Blackwell House. Remember this performance from the Benjamin Rosenblum Jazz Fusion Duo

Looking forward to hearing some talented Roosevelt Island piano players in the next two weeks.


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