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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Update On Roosevelt Island Main Street Stores From RIRA Retail Committee - Public Library, Arcade Renovation, Trellis, Graphics & More

The Roosevelt Island Residents Assocation (RIRA) Retail Committee met with a representative of Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related (H/R) last Thursday to receive a progress update

on store leasing and the renovation of Roosevelt Landings/Westview Arcade.

Here's a summary of the meeting from RIRA Real Estate Committee.
  • Eastwood rehab should be finished in a month. There will be a delay rehabbing the other side of the street because approval needs to be given from building owners.
  • The current graphics on the vacant windows are "temporary". H/R thinks they are snazzy and worthy of conversational. Members in attendance expressed mostly displeasure.
  • Trellis - submitted renderings. But there is a dispute with how to enclose trash which must be okayed with both RIOC and owners. Also. there some exterior design problems holding up the renovations.
  • 504- no movement for either floors. The library is being slow but hopefully a lease will be signed the end of June.
  • Flanagan - may be moving out. He expressed interest in starting a new business.
  • Thrift - will be downsizing at some point.
  • Benches - prototype for Main Street is being designed.
  • Kiosks - stay of execution for current ones. Status quo on the electronic ones.
  • Hardware Store - waiting for judge's verdict.
  • Accountant and We are One - are in some sort of proceedings.
  • Bakery - Fav's Bakery wants to come to site of old bakery. in negotiations.
  • No comment on new leases.
UPDATE 6/17 - Clarification, Dr. Flannigan's practice at 507 Main Street Roosevelt Island since 4/1/2000 is not relocating.


mpresident said...

What is Flanagan?

CheshireKitty said...

The chiropractic office located in Rivercross.

Bill Blass said...

We need to make the new hipster population happy.rioc needs to build a High end mall.with stores like abercrombie and fitch. Brooks brothers. Coach. Lord and taylor.And for us oldtimers in eastwood and 2 ,4 river road there will be a 99 cent store.

Denise K Shull said...

How about a decent Mexican restaurant?

CheshireKitty said...

Mid-East (falafel) or Indian; or vegetarian. Imagine if there was an organic veg place on Main St - a true oasis of wholesome goodness..

RooseveltIslander said...

Nonno's has a Mexican menu.

Westviewer said...

About as Mexican as its Italian menu.

Frank Farance said...

Nonno's burritos were good, and a good size portion.

rosislander said...

Is that place even open? I do not see anyone inside there or any patients. The only sign of life is the plant that is blocking the doorway. CLose it down and open something that is useful to the island.

rosislander said...

Yea and its disgusting just like all their food.

CheshireKitty said...

Maybe not. I just tried calling the number for Dr. Flannigan listed on the RIOC RI Business listings page and there was no answer - no answering machine/service.

Frank Farance said...

rosislander: Dr. Flannigan is an outstanding chiropractor. He supplants treatment with recommendations (strengthening drills etc.) to help reduce problems in the future. He's got a deep understanding of the body, which is helpful for getting to the root of things.

I haven't met too many practitioners that clearly prioritize their patients' interests over business interests, e.g., resolving ailments semi-permanently so that less/no chiropractic work is required in the future.

I saw him in the office a week or two ago, he mentioned something about a vacation, try him later.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Many people say that chiropractors are quacks and that's why many chiropractors rather go into the field of physical therapy. The entire focus on the spine is a bit bogus, IMHO.

CheshireKitty said...

Here's the entry in wikipedia on chiropractic including its invention in the late 19th C "by magnetic healer, D.D. Palmer, in Davenport, Iowa".The entry on magnet therapy describes it as "a pseudoscientific alternative medicine".

I agree that chiropractic is controversial but can be thought of as similar in some ways to physical therapy. I actually saw Dr. Flannigan for back issues many years ago but wasn't impressed with him, the therapy, and the x-rays he felt were necessary. I stopped going and instead addressed the problem by having a consultation with an orthopedic doctor. An MRI was performed which didn't reveal any serious vertebral problem. The reason for the problem was explained to me by the orthopedist who then prescribed physical therapy. In addition to the physical therapy (PT) spinal alignment techniques and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises were recommended by the physical therapist. Since then I haven't had low back pain, so I can say that in my case at least, the conventional medicine approach worked.