Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Building 7 Construction About To Begin - Developer Hudson Related Erecting Construction Fencing

 Construction Fence Around Riverwalk Building 7 Site

Hudson Related is about to start construction on Riverwalk Building 7.

Riverwalk Building 7 Construction Fence On East Side Of Main Street

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Please be advised that Riverwalk 7, LLC, the owner and developer of the seventh building in the Southtown Master Plan, will be erecting a construction fence to surround the building site and adjacent work area. To secure the property, the fence will encompass a portion of the sidewalk on the east side of Main Street between the two pedestrian crosswalks in front of the site. A portion of the sidewalk will be closed. As a safety precaution, pedestrian traffic will be detoured across the crosswalks to the western sidewalk in lieu of walking next to the fence/construction site.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group


billblass said...

Another market rent apartment.you upperly people need to stop paying these cazy rents
Then these owners will stop charging these high rents

Ratso123 said...

RIOC should not allow them to close off the sidewalk. Let Related adjust. Anyone who is disabled has to cross the street when they come to the fence. Being inconsiderate to a particular group in the community is not progress, but selfishness.

RI Local said...

Ratso - I think there is plenty of sidewalk that everyone can use. After all there are two sides to every street on this island. Construction takes space for machinery, materials and offices. It isn't like everyone doesn't have a completely functioning alternative directly across the street.

Trevre Andrews said...

The first law of economics is supply and demand. If you want lower prices you have to have more supply and you have to build more apartments.

Isaac Humphrie said...

Where can I find images of what the new structure will look like? I don't have a real opinion on the construction. I feel like (to put it bluntly) we live in NYC, if you don't like buildings...you're in the wrong city.

Isaac Humphrie said...

Aww! Just found the proposed plans. http://futuregreenstudio.com/portfolio/project/riverwalk/

CheshireKitty said...

It seems nice. What do you think, Isaac?