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Monday, October 14, 2013

Roosevelt Island Fire Hydrant Spilling Water For Past Three Weeks But No Response From RIOC, NYC 311 Or DEP

Roosevelt Island resident Rossana Ceruzzi reports:

There is a broken fire hydrant that has been wasting a lot of water now for 3 weeks.

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

I have called the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and NYC 311 but the water is still running The hydrant is in the back of Goldwater Building C on the Queens side two buildings after Sportspark.

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

I also called the FDNY and they went to inspect. FDNY said there is large damage and DEP has to intervene.

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

It's a shame to waste so much water.


Frank Farance said...

Matt Katz' criticism of RIRA President in WIRE article:

"At present," Katz told the Eastwood meeting, "the power seems to emanate from the top down, and there doesn't seem to be much interest in using the organization other than for these monthly meetings on Wednesday nights. It seems to me that the real purpose of this organization is to get the work done between the meetings – that the work is supposed to be done by the committees set up to do it. And yet, everything seems to be put on these single meetings once a month. Three hours, four hours, we yell and we scream. We never get to new business, we never get to old business. Nothing ever happens because there's no discipline in running the meeting. The business just doesn't get done. That's part of the job of RIRA President. He has to know how to run a meeting. I know how to run a meeting."

That criticism was in the September 9, 2000 issue of the WIRE against RIRA President Patrick Stewart, which sounds very similar to my criticisms of the present RIRA. Back then, there was much criticism of the Conflicts of Interest concerning RIRA Common Council member Karen Stewart and her husband Patrick Stewart, a RIOC Board member. My recollection is that both Mr. Katz and Ms. Helstien (along with others) complained about these conflicts of interest.

OldRossie, in response to "No one can do it all better than you, Frank", you can see Mr. Katz' boast "That's part of the job of RIRA President. He has to know how to run a meeting. I know how to run a meeting.". :-)

Frank Farance said...

... blog readers have become increasingly focused on the perceived authenticity of published material. The blogosphere's readership often correlate authenticity with disclosure of the author's public person.

See wikipedia article on Anonymous Blogging.

Sure, there are times when anonymity is necessary, but if there is no penalty/discouragement for mistakes, then there is little encouragement towards quality or informative posts. YetAnotherRIer, you've made a variety of statements that, had you been identified, you probably would not make.

Ditto for NotMyKid,

OldRossie said...

Wasn't he positioning for office?

YetAnotherRIer said...

Okay, you got me there. I do complain about how people complain. I do enjoy my time on Roosevelt Island, though. It's not as bad a place as some of you folks make it sound like.