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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hope Church Forming On Roosevelt Island - Preview Service and Thanksgiving Community Dinner November 24

Roosevelt Island resident Drew Hyun reports that a new church is being formed on Roosevelt Island. The Hope Church Roosevelt Island will be conducting a preview service and Thanksgiving Community Dinner on November 24 at the Good Shepherd Chapel.

More information on the Hope Church Roosevelt Island available at their web site.


Bill Blass said...

I am thinking of starting a church also. How do I go about doing so

YetAnotherRIer said...

I meant that just because Theresa complained about the non-sequitur of your posting you say that she is in total support and a defender of Kramer and you wrote her off as "lower than a greedy developer."

CheshireKitty said...

For a definition of yuppie, see this link

Also, how can you say what Cheshire and Bill hate or do not hate? You aren't Cheshire or Bill. I'm not against education - as long as it doesn't result in brainwashing - to go along with acceptance of corporate hegemony, and so forth.

Bill and I have never said anything against employment - but we do say things like wages should match the cost of living, rather than the situation that exists today where someone employed at a minimum wage job can barely pay rent on a market rent apartment.

What Bill and I say isn't so different from what about 73.3% of New Yorkers say when they voted for Bill Deblasio on 5 November: Enough with the yuppies and their enabler, Bloomberg (and that's putting it mildly), and the "elite"!

The margin of victory for Deblasio in the most down-trodden borough - the Bronx - was even more extreme: 86% vs. 11%! You can't argue with numbers like that!

New Yorkers absolutely detest yuppies and the catering to the rich - the entire luxury-housing culture at the expense of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers, who are of moderate means.

I mean, with numbers like the above, you are practically in a pre-revolutionary situation in NYC - because sentiment isn't even close. So yuppies are pretty much universally hated, and rightly so.

It's not that Bill and I hate education - as long as it leads to benefits for all, instead of wealth for the few, or 1%. And certainly, Bill and I recognize that at this time at least, to survive in the sort of economic system that exists today, good-paying jobs are a must.

Bill and I oppose the conspicuous consumption, Philistinism, and obnoxiousness of yuppies, so it's more a cultural critique than anything else. I'm sure if you asked Bill, what about a low-paying highly-educated doctoral candidate or medical intern exploited for "slave labor" in a giant corporate hospital or lab, are they yuppies since they're so highly educated and seem a cog in the wheel of the medical-pharmaceutical corporate establishment, enabling it to advance? Bill and I would have to answer, only if they lack the awareness of their exploitation, or simply see their internship or current low-paying lab position, fellowship, teaching assistant- ship or whatever, as a steppingstone to a position where they too can one day exploit others, just as they are exploited today.

A highly educated person, such as a physician-scientist or medical researcher, who refuses the big bucks and dedicates their life to helping others through their research or perhaps through donating physician services to the poor at least some of the time, is a saintly person, not a yuppie.

The same highly-educated person who only thinks of their next vacation, or next SUV, or the next vacation residence they are planning to buy, or the next expensive meal or other entertainment, is a yuppie.

Both are educated and both are employed, but one is at least aware of the "system" of exploitation and has rejected most of it, if not all of it, while the other is completely brainwashed and unable to comprehend their role in the exploitative/unfair system, a system that finally has resulted in up to 86% of the electorate - in some areas of NYC - voting against their porcine ethos.

Mark Lyon said...

The world you've built for yourself is a sick, sad place. I hope you get the help you need.

OldRossie said...

The highlights of CheshireKitty's standard rant: Urban Dictionary .com supersedes Miriam Webster; "not against education - as long as..."; "never said anything against employment - but..."; "New Yorkers absolutely detest yuppies"; "practically in a pre-revolutionary situation in NYC".

She also says: "...planning to buy, or the next expensive meal or other entertainment, is a yuppie." I'd like to point out a comment she had not too long ago:
“Material possessions - got 'em! More, much more than I need. I got so many pairs of ahem "elite" athletic shoes of all types, my walk-in closets (oh yes - my nice subsidized apt comes with wonderful walk-in closets) are overflowing with sneakers… I have so many "things"… I have money (obviously) yet unlike you I don't have to work.”

This comment is here:

And since you like to refer to the results of the last mayoral election so much, lets note that the turnout was the lowest in history - so as you use that to depict what "New Yorkers" think, keep in mind you're referring to 24% of'em.

YetAnotherRIer said...

"Also, how can you say what Cheshire and Bill hate or do not hate? You aren't Cheshire or Bill."

But you insist to know what other people think and believe in by just reading some comment they leave here. Now the same is done to you and you complain?

CheshireKitty said...

Oh, please: You selectively quote me, of course. I've explained the shoes and possessions are for those in the shire. It's up to you to figure out what that is supposed to mean. As far as the lowest turnout - hey, that sounds a bit like sour grapes! You are calling into question the results of the election cause your Bloomie clone didn't win? Too bad!

Go ahead and characterize anything I say against greed, Philistinism, and the like as a rant - and while you're out it, buy yourself a ticket back to the plain-vanilla red-state burg you came from. You are in NYC now, my man - here in NYC, liberalism (at least) rules. Don't like it? Get out!

CheshireKitty said...

It's not a world I've built for myself, it's a world that corporate pigs and their hand-maidens built to exploit masses of people just like me, here and around the world.

It's just a matter of time before it all disintegrates - and it won't be in some eternal life-to-come either.

The push back is occurring all over, among all sectors, and on all continents - people do not hear about it as much as they should due to tight media control by a handful of corporations.

I'll periodically post news of anti-corporate actions around the world as I run across them, FYI, and for the information of readers.

The world that the corporate pigs built is not the world the Founding Fathers had in mind. We are not to labor to line the pockets of the 1% while the rest live in misery, forced into serfdom once again. We shall see who in the end, wins - big business or the ordinary citizen.

CheshireKitty said...

I don't insist on anything, what makes you say that? On occasion, I agree with what even Rossie says. I reserve the right to clarify what I think - as opposed to let someone else characterize my thoughts.

I don't tell you, either what you say or what you think: Your words speak for themselves. And, why should I care?

Rossie represents a particularly virulent strain of conservatism: He feels anyone who must make use of the social safety network - either by collecting Social Security, or using Medicaid or Medicare, or SNAP benefits - is a parasite. For Rossie, the world must be a meritocracy. Thus, anyone who doesn't somehow "measure up" is kicked to the curb. This obliviousness to the reality that yes, workers do age,and yes, sometimes folks do become disabled, and yes, sometimes families fall apart so there is no breadwinner or someone becomes unemployed and unable to feed their family, is an echo of what the Nazis used to say to justify "eliminating" "undesirables" such as the disabled - which was the initial phase of their murderous program of "perfecting" Europe.

Rossie is of this ilk: Anyone who doesn't follow a career path to a high-paying job, just doesn't deserve any kind of life. They don't deserve affordable housing, they don't deserve benefits. They might as well curl up in a ball and die, because, according to people like Rossie, if they're not earning big bucks, they might as well not exist.

CheshireKitty said...

Dunno why you say that Mark! I loved Lindsay - he was the first candidate I helped, in my small way, in his campaign - by riding around on my bike in my old nabe in Bklyn plastering "Lindsaygrams" (anybody remembering those) under windshield wipers on parked cars! That was fun - as was the scene at the local campaign office on Avenue "M" - a small store-front. At that point, when I saw Mr. Lindsay walking around campaigning in Brooklyn, it was "love at first sight". Right then and there, I signed up at his campaign office and continually helped out as much as I could to get him elected. I was only 12.

A few years later, I was in the huge enthusiastic crowd that welcomed RFK to Kings Highway on a campaign stop: Another much-loved political giant, who was, in his case, like his brother, tragically taken away too soon. RIP JFK and RFK.