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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NYPD Emergency Service Officers And Dogs Performing Roosevelt Island Tram Rescue Drills Today

 Image of 2012 NYPD ESU and Police Dog  Tram Rescue Drill From The Daily You Tube Video

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Please be advised that NYPD personnel will be conducting practice drills on the Roosevelt Island Tramway from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM tomorrow, 11/20. There will be no impact to Tram service during these drills. Expect to see emergency personnel in the area.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
NYPD News tweeted this picture of today's Tram Rescue Drill.
Here's video of previous NYPD Tram Rescue Drill.

More on NYPD and FDNY Tram Rescue drills from previous posts.


Bill Blass said...

Lines for black friday have begun . These morons need to get a life

YetAnotherRIer said...

"the "Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 Financial Report" stated that there was $1,535.74 in cash receipts"

That would be the $1,500 the vendor was supposed to donate to the RIRA plus pocket change, no?

I'm not understanding the whole thing. This is how I see it:

Organizer was hired to run the show. In return vendors who signed up to show will pay organizer. Out of that money (now we can speculate if organizer made money or not) it was supposed to give $1,500 to the RIRA.

Now, a RIOC bill of $3,500 popped up that nobody for whatever reason didn't expect (we can argue again if it was due to communication problems or incapable people or what not) and neither the RIRA nor the hired organizer wanted to pay it.

Am I missing the smoking gun?

Mark Lyon said...

Helen, If you're concerned about RIRA's finances, you're well-positioned to speak to those with full and complete knowledge.

As for raising funds over and above some arbitrary limit you've decided is appropriate - RIRA can and will encounter things in the future for which they will need to pay. Raising funds where they can to accomplish that and offer more events and activities to the community is a good thing.

The unfounded, impatient attacks against RIOC board members, RIRA members and others has done a tremendous disservice to the organization and all involved. Where legitimate questions and concerns existed, a failure to accept and work with established processes has only served to make bad situations and miscommunications worse. It's easy to cloak oneself in the banner of "problem solving", but when the first instinct is to throw public barbs at every potential issue before internal processes have a time to complete, it's more harm than help.

As for your complaints about "free speech" being limited, I believe your concerns are unfounded. It's perfectly fine to be critical of the organization or, if you're so inclined, your neighbors. When you choose to participate in an organization, though, you should be willing to first work on your concerns with the group and accept the group decision even if it doesn't mirror your own preference. Striking out to create counter-organizations or taking internal communications and distributing them publicly is not the sort of thing one should do if you desire to remain a member of the organization.