Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update On Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan Station Elevator Problems - RIOC President Apologizes For Service Outage, Reports New Elevator In About A Year And Repairs For Current Elevator

The frequently broken and out of service Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan Station elevator

Image Of Broken Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station Elevators

was a subject of discussion during the January 14 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Advisory Committee meeting.

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato began the discussion by apologizing to Roosevelt Island residents for the Tram Elevator and handicap lift being out of service so often and described measures RIOC is taking to fix the current situation. As to a more permanent solution, Ms Indelicato reported that a Request For Proposals for a new tram elevator will be issued by the end of this month and it should take a year from that date for a new Tram Station Elevator to be in service which will be installed where the red handicap lift is currently located.

Ms. Indelicato reported that when RIOC is informed of the Tram Elevator being out of service, a Public Safety Officer or other RIOC employee will be sent to the Manhattan station. However, the RIOC employee will not lift Wheelchairs or large strollers up the stairs, but at the discretion of the RIOC employee, may be able to help with small strollers.

Ms Indelicato and the RIOC Directors also discussed ways in which Tram riders could be advised when the Manhattan Tram elevator was not in service before passengers got on the Tram at the Roosevelt Island station.

Here's the full Tram Elevator discussion at yesterday's RIOC Real Estate Advisory Committee meeting.


Bill Blass said...

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rilander said...

One year? No help for wheelchairs?
1. In the interim, get a new elevator maintenance company.
2. Make the replacement a budget priority. Obviously RIOC doesn't think it is.
3. Install a Public Address system on the Roosevelt Island side to advise people of the outage before they go through the turnstile so they have a choice about whether to continue.
4. Have 2 full time public safety officers on the Manhattan side to assist passengers.

CheshireKitty said...

LOL. Bill, you are bad. Also, that's really unfair. Can't you at least keep your class-antipathy in check with regards to moms?