Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Roosevelt Island Resident Asks FDR Park Conservancy To Allow More Food And Drink Into The Park And To Provide Transportation For Disabled - FDR Park Responds

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Member and Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Eva Bosbach shares the following correspondence with the FDR Four Freedom Park Conservancy:
I wanted to mention to you that we love the park, but would love it even more if it was possible to eat and drink there, especially as private parties do have events with catering there. There are many families who live on RI and are prevented from visiting your park (or visiting it relaxed, or for longer periods of time), as they are not allowed to feed their babies there.

Another point is transportation: Disabled citizens have no access to the Memorial, which is too bad - perhaps there could be a number a citizen could call to be picked up with a small bus or a golf cart, or even pre-book, to be able to visit?

I would appreciate if you could forward these wishes to the appropriate contact people in your organization. I am happy to be in touch with them for further co-operation.

Thank you very much
An example of a FDR Park visitor in a wheelchair

and Champagne revelers.

on a warm sunny day.

A FDR Park Visitor Experience representative responded regarding the Park rules:
At first glance, many of our regulations appear strict, but part of our mission is to preserve this monument to our great President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Since we opened, we have strived to improve in order to make the park rewarding to all of those who visit.

Last summer, we designed a seating area for those who bring their lunch. It's located on the west side of the park with beautiful views of Queens. The area includes 5 tables with umbrellas and 25 chairs.

For those who do not bring their lunch, we offer a food station where sandwiches and salads are sold during the warmer months, 3 days a week. We hope to have the food station back by April.

We don't allow any food and beverage on the actual memorial for fear that it will damage the raw granite and invite unwanted vermin onto the lawn.

We agree with you that arriving to the park can be challenging. We wish that there was parking available for ADA visitors closer to our entrance.

To alleviate this concern we offer golf cart transportation to and from the tram and subway station. We receive calls and emails for transportation assistance. Typically its booked in advance at no charge to the visitor. We can usually provide transportation assistance without notice too although notice is appreciated.

We also offer the option of parking inside the park for ADA and offer wheelchairs to those who need it or even a mini tour of the park in the golf cart.

We offered this last year to a World War II veteran and it was a rewarding experience for us all.

Now that the red bus is no longer traveling to our side of the Island, we have added an additional street licensed golf cart to meet ADA transport needs.

We are constantly evaluating what we can do to make the visitor's experience a pleasant one. Suggestions are always welcome.
Here's the FDR Park food station

seating area adjacent to the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital facing Queens

and the golf cart that can be used for transportation

to and from the Tram and Subway station.

Contact information for the FDR Park Conservancy is here.