Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Roosevelt Island Town Hall Meeting With Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, NYPD 114th Precinct Commander Kevin Maloney And NY State Senator Jose Serrano - Here's What Happened

Last evening, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Kevin Maloney and NY State Senator Jose Serrano held a Roosevelt Island Town Hall Meeting to discuss criminal justice and public safety issues effecting our community.

Senator Serrano tweeted:

The Town Hall began with an introduction by Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Jeff Escobar followed by brief presentations from DA Vance, State Senator Serrano and Deputy Inspector Maloney.

DA Vance addressed the recent arrest and sentencing of the former Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Vice President Of Operations for falsifying payroll records, the allegations of Public Safety Department (PSD) Officers misconduct (it's currently under investigation so he would not comment publicly on allegations) and issues of domestic violence.

Senator Serrano complimented Mr. Vance for the work of the DA's office noting that in addition to "taking down criminals", the DA's Office is concerned with keeping kids "from getting involved in any types of crime". Mr. Serrano also complimented the DA's office on how they serve and protect the immigrant community here on Roosevelt Island and the rest of Manhattan.

Deputy Inspector Maloney reported that he was recently appointed to his position at the 114 precinct last November and that this was his first official trip to Roosevelt Island though he has been working with RIOC Public Safety Director Jack McManus on Roosevelt Island issues. Deputy Inspector Maloney also said that there is one full time NYPD officer assigned to Roosevelt Island.

PSD Director McManaus (left) Next To NYPD's Maloney, DA Cyrus Vance And State Senator Serrano

Following the presentations, there was a one hour session of questions from the Roosevelt Island residents in attendance. Questions included issues of:
  • Safety at Roosevelt Landings,
  • The District Attorney's Trespass Affidavit Program,
  • Misconduct Of Public Safety Department Officers as well as statements about improvements at PSD under new Director McManus,
  • Allegations of PSD Officers fabricated testimony under prior PSD Administration and more.
There were also questions asked on non criminal justice issues such as:
  • affordable housing
  • emergency preparedness in the event of another Hurricane Sandy and
  • making public meetings accessible for the hearing impaired.
Here's video of the entire 75 minute Town Hall Meeting.

It was a very informative Town Hall Meeting. Thanks to Senator Serrano, DA Vance and Deputy Inspector Maloney for participating and the Roosevelt Island audience for their excellent questions.