Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wow, Wow Wow - Watch Aerial Drone Hover Then Soar High Above Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park Showing Fantastic NYC East River Waterfront Views

This is very cool. Last November, an aerial drone hovered over Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park

and then soared high over Roosevelt Island providing fantastic views of Roosevelt Island and the NYC East River waterfront.


Could it be a test of Amazon's Drone Delivery system?

Probably not but still very cool demonstration.


APS said...

It's too bad the word "elders" is being used, which sounds very derogatory and also holds a religious connotation (used by the Mormons). Gloria Steinem turned 80 today, I think it's safe to say that no one would call her an "elder".

janetfalk said...

To clarify, the gravel accumulates in the eastbound bike lane of the roadway between the bridge and Vernon Boulevard. The gravel does not accumulate on the bridge span itself, which is the focus of the photo.

There is some gravel in the eastbound bike lane of the roadway between Motorgate and the bridge, and also in the westbound bike lane of the roadway before and after the bridge, but those areas have a negligible amount of gravel compared to the other bike lane.