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Monday, July 21, 2014

What Was That Loud Scary Noise Heard On Roosevelt Island And Queens Today? TransCanada Big Allis Ravenswood Power Plant Releasing Steam Again

Did you hear that loud, deafening noise on Roosevelt Island this afternoon? The Twitterverse:

A Roosevelt Island resident reported:
I was outside on the Manhattan facing side and around 3:55pm a very loud, hard to identify - may be loud hissing? - sound started. It felt as if it would be going from the Special Surgery building. After about a minute or so, I couldn't bear the loudness and started going toward the Westview entrance only to realize, that the sound became even louder. And it was not stopping. Was quite scary, especially without knowing what is the reason behind it. It was coming from a general direction of the power plant. It stopped at 4pm or slightly after. Do you know what is it? Sort of disturbing.

The sound bounces off the Manhattan side and comes back to us.
 Image of TransCanada Ravenswood Power Plant Seen From Roosevelt Island

The noise came from a TransCanada Big Allis Ravenswood Power Plant steam release.

More information on the noise from Big Allis Ravenswood Power Plant steam release from previous post.

UPDATE 7/22 - Yesterday I asked TransCanada:
I have received several inquiries from Roosevelt Island residents concerned with the very loud noise coming from the TransCanada Ravenswood power plant this afternoon.

Can you tell us what was the cause and if there is any problem?
A TransCanada spokesperson replied today:
The loud noise was a cold reheat safety valve that lifted prematurely. The valve was repaired and reseated as soon as we understood the problem.