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Monday, August 11, 2014

Time Extended Until August 15 For Roosevelt Island Organizations To Apply For NYC Council Discretionary Fund Allocation Advises Council Member Ben Kallos

Reported last July 15 on NYC Council Member Ben Kallos allocating discretionary funds

Image From NY Post

to some Roosevelt Island organizations and other Roosevelt Island organizations that did not receive any of these funds because they missed the application deadline. I inquired of Mr. Kallos:
...I am aware of these organizations that have received funding and amounts. Is the list accurate?

Roosevelt Island Seniors 30,000
Junior Tennis League 10,000
Child School 5,000
Four Freedoms Park 10,000

TOTAL $70,000

Did any other Roosevelt Island organization receive funding?

I suspect the Roosevelt Island Disabled Organization, Roosevelt Island Historical Society and Roosevelt Island Youth Program may not be happy being left out of funding....
A spokesperson for Mr. Kallos confirmed the funding list was accurate, adding:
... We engaged in aggressive outreach via email blasts and phone calls to inform the Roosevelt Island and East Side communities about discretionary funding opportunities and deadlines. We funded every Roosevelt Island group that applied, and the amounts were equal to or more than the amounts they received last year. From what I know, Roosevelt Island Disabled Association, Roosevelt Island Historical Society, and Roosevelt Island Youth Program do valuable work serving the Roosevelt Island community, and I strongly encourage them to apply for funding next year...
Roosevelt Island organizations may not have to wait until next year to receive NYC Council discretionary funds.

According to this August 5 email from the Budget Director Of Council Member Kallos:
The City Council has decided to reopen the discretionary application process however it is limited to the post budget initiative designations. This is intended to provide an opportunity to groups that missed the original deadline. The initiatives are narrow in scope and not all details regarding eligibility are available but in the interest of exploring every option, the Council Member has requested that you complete the application at the following link:

This does not guarantee funding but allows consideration where this was not possible before. The deadline for this application is the close of business on August 15th. We urge you to complete it in advance of the deadline in case any issues arise. Please take note of the reference number at the end of the application and forward this information to us....
If you missed out on applying last time for NYC Council discretionary funds, here's another opportunity.