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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowstorm's Over, RIOC Announces Roosevelt Island Street Parking Now Permitted And Instructs Removal Of Cars Temporarily Parked In Motorgate Garage Due To Storm - RIOC Did Good Job Cleaning Up After Blizzard

Image Of Main Street Without Parked Cars This Morning

As reported last Monday, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) announced in preparation for the upcoming snowstorm:
...there is NO PARKING on Main Street or the East and West Roadways in order for snow preparation and subsequent removal to take place. Residents should move their cars off the roads as soon as possible.

As an alternative, free parking will be available to residents only in the Motorgate Garage. This accommodation is subject to change based on weather conditions. Residents who do not remove their vehicles from the garage by 4 PM on Thursday, January 29, will be charged for any extra time by Motorgate Management....
Image Of Main Street Without Parked Cars This Morning And Motorgate Garage On Right

RIOC reported earlier this afternoon:
Notification issued 1/27/15 at 3:40 PM. Following an earlier parking suspension on Main Street and the East and West roadways due to the winter snow storm, metered parking is now permitted on Main Street. All residents who have parked temporarily inside the Motorgate Garage can now move their vehicles back to street level.
RIOC did a good job

removing the snow from Main Street and the sidewalks.