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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Up Close And Personal Late Night Urban Exploring Inside Roosevelt Island Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital

It's 2:30 in the morning. What do you want to do?

If you are Steve Duncan, a determined urban explorer, you come to Roosevelt Island, climb over the locked Southpoint Park gate, get on your belly and crawl underneath a fence and show us this up close and personal view of the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital.

There are no current plans to destroy the Roosevelt Island Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital. The FDR Four Freedoms Park has talked about eventually rehabbing the Ruins for use as their visitors center. Other ideas include a restaurant inside the rehabbed space.


Islanderx2 said...

2:30 am, lets tresspass, scale a gate and crawl under a fense. Urban explorer, no, urban criminal. Of course, he must have signed a waver for any injuries he may have incurred. Always fun until someone loses an eye and then a multi-million dollar lawsuit, nothing RIOC couldn't handle.

CheshireKitty said...

This was one of the coolest videos I've ever seen regarding RI - liked, uploaded & shared on fb. The dude is also pretty cool and certainly agile - reminds me of the guys who do parcours, of which I'm an admirer.

Exploring, learning about, and photographing abandoned buildings is great; check out Abandoned NYC or Forgotten NY

The Smallpox Hospital is a beautiful ruin. I hope the State can come up with an idea to rescue or re-purpose it somehow although undoubtedly such an effort would be costly, it would really make for a wonderful addition to the many restored/re-used historic buildings on RI!

David Enock said...

Cheshiecat, Wow, wow!I Grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn. The Loews 46th Street was one of three movie theaters my friends, parents and I used to go to. Dish-night give-aways during the week and chapters on Saturdays. At the 46th I saw two of the most transformative movies—Of Mice and Men, The Ox Bow Incident—Never did realize that I was sitting such an amazingly beautiful movie theater...just purchased Abandoned NYC, the book.

jb said...

This is disgusting and should never be posted. It is difficult enough to safeguard the Smallpox Hospital and publicizing trespassing
and breaking and entering should not be done. Maybe we do
need razor wire to keep creeps out.