Sunday, April 12, 2015

70th Anniversary Of President Franklin D Roosevelt's Death Commemorated At Roosevelt Island Four Freedoms Park Today - Wreath Laying, Historical Legacy And Ballads From The Era By The Falling Stars

The Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park held a wreath laying ceremony this afternoon to commemorate the 70th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's death.

The commemoration began as Four Freedoms Park Conservancy Vice President of Operations Suzy Brown welcomed visitors and introduced Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Jim Bates and Roosevelt Island resident Judith Abebe who laid

Image Of Jim Bates And Judith Abebe Laying Wreath At Four Freedom Park

a wreath in honor of President Roosevelt. Following the wreath laying, historian Harvey Kaye, author of The Fight For The Four Freedoms, spoke about the legacy of President Roosevelt Island and the New Deal.

The Falling Stars then played Happy Days Are Hear Again,

I Shall Not Be Moved,

I Am A Pilgrim and Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

Ms. Brown closed the commemoration and invited everyone to come back to visit and support the Four Freedoms Park.


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