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Friday, April 24, 2015

Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Walking Tour And Festival Saturday April 25 - Enjoy The Beautiful Trees And Wonderful Events

The Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Walking Tour and Festival takes place Saturday, April 25.
Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Social, Cultural & Educational Committee Chair Lynn Strong-Shinozaki details the event schedule below:
Saturday, 4/25 Cherry Blossom Walking Tour and Festival: Picnic, Food & Fun in Southpoint Park, plus Japanese Music and Dance at FDR Memorial.

Meet Island neighbors at a Community Picnic at Southpoint Park
Saturday, April 25 at 11:00 am
Bring a blanket, food and fun

See You There!!

Fourth Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

Roosevelt Island Historical Society

11:00am - 1:00pm Cherry Blossom Walk

Meet at the Visitor Center Kiosk at Tram Plaza

Suggested donation $10

Southpoint Park
11:00am - Community Picnic (bring your own food and blanket)

FDR Memorial Four Freedoms Park
1:00 pm Shamisen (Kicho Kai) Japanese String Ensemble
1:30 pm Japanese classical Dance (IchiFuji-kai Dance Association)

2:00 pm Samurai Swordsmanship (Iaikai)
2:25 pm Karate (JKA Karate Shiroma)

3:05 pm Koto (Masayo Ishigure and Koto Shamisen Ensemble)
3:40 pm Japanese blues (Kayo Yoshioka of Neo blues maki)
4:15 pm Japanese Taiko Drummers (Sohdaiko)

Gallery RIVAA (527 Main Street)
3:00 pm Japanese Ink Painting Workshop (open to all ages)
4:25 pm Gerald Starlight (Japanese flute)

Produced by The Roosevelt Island Residents Association
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According to the MTA, there will be no Roosevelt Island F Train service from Manhattan this weekend.


UPDATE 5:55 PM - Douglas Dunn shares these pictures of an afternoon with the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms.

An afternoon with the Cherry Blossoms on Roosevelt Island...
Posted by Douglas Dunn- NYC Loft, Townhouse and Apartment Rental and Sales on Friday, April 24, 2015


D. Evans said...

Thanks "Mr. Roosevelt Islander" for the fine coverage of the Hack Roosevelt Island activities. Further thanks to Ms Swanson, Ms Levitt, Mr. Smith, MBA'er Takaki, and Council Member Kallos for their support. I am sure the PS 217 IS staff and students as well as Ms Green and others at the Senior Center enjoyed it all. A slight apology for the limited number of folks named as it required many others to make this happen for those who benefitted from the program. I look forward to Cornell's commitments and substantive contributions to this lovely Roosevelt Island continuing well beyond this program. By the way, how do I get one of those "Hack Roosevelt Island" t-shirts?

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